Electric Motor Production Line

30 November 2020

Ricardo leads consortium to establish UK supply chain for sustainable electric motors

The UK-ALUMOTOR consortium has received an award from the Driving Electric Revolution Challenge fund – through UK Research and Innovation – to establish a UK supply chain for electric machines. Leveraging manufacturing expertise to deliver next generation sustainable electric motors.
As vehicle manufacturers look to accelerate the consumer adoption of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, the global market for electric motors is estimated to be worth £28.5 billion by 2025. It is essential, therefore, that key players in the UK electric vehicles (EV) manufacturing sector, supported by government, act now to enable the nation to capture a significant slice of this substantial growth market.
UK-ALUMOTOR, led by Ricardo with Aspire Engineering, Brandauer, Warwick Manufacturing Group at The University of Warwick, Phoenix Scientific Industries, and Global Technologies Racing, is a consortium of experts formed to develop a supply chain around an innovative proprietary design for an electric motor. The consortium’s aim is to grow UK manufacturing capability and develop the next generation of skilled engineers and technicians.
Thanks to the award, the consortium of six partners, headed by Ricardo, will develop and refine an electric machine design fit for manufacture in the UK, aligned to the future requirements of stakeholders both in this country and internationally. Over the nine-month project, the partners will identify preferred manufacturing processes, suitable for volume production.
This approach removes the need for scarce material resources associated with costly existing electric machines, whilst disrupting established supply chain monopolies. Through this approach, the consortium seeks to position the UK’s power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) capability at the centre of the global electric revolution.
Richard Gordon, Ricardo head of research and development said: “Ricardo has long been known for industry-leading innovation, R&D and manufacturing excellence, which is helping global transport manufacturers drive cost of out electrification. This award of funding from the Driving Electric Revolution Challenge fund is significant. It will enable Ricardo and our consortium partners to continue to support the mass adoption of electrification by making it more affordable, contributing to the green bounce back with an environmentally sustainable design, and establishing the UK’s long-term future in this sector. This will position the UK at the forefront of the global electric revolution.”
The award from Driving Electric Revolution Challenge fund is the latest boost to Ricardo’s provision of engineering and manufacturing thought leadership for manufacturers in the global EV market: on 11 November 2020 the company also announced the award of funding from the Office of Low Emissions Vehicles to digitalize electric and hybrid electric vehicle development.


Ricardo leads consortium to establish UK supply chain for sustainable electric motors.