Dismounted Soldier Communication System From DVIDS Hub

20 March 2024

Ricardo Defense awarded a contract to expand the application of the Dismounted Soldier Communication System (DSCS)

Ricardo Defense Inc, a leader in complex system integration and sustainment solutions, has received a contract in association with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), to expand the application of the Ricardo Defense Dismounted Soldier Communication System (DSCS) under a new phase with the US Army.

The Dismounted Soldier Communication System is an integrated solution for the Army. Designed by Ricardo Defense to enhance vehicle communication by adding wireless soldier-to-platform communication capability, DSCS provides increased situational awareness and heightened safety for soldiers in the field.  

Under this new contract, Ricardo Defense will install the DSCS solution on three brigades of M88 vehicles to gather data and soldier feedback. This information will be used to evaluate and verify system performance and effectiveness from the soldier’s perspective. 
The Ricardo system is vehicle platform-agnostic in nature and compatible with existing VIC-3 intercom contributing to its versatility and potential widespread adoption to other army ground vehicle applications.  

Chet Gryczan, President Ricardo Defense said: “The expansion of the Dismounted Soldier Communication System to three brigades of M88 vehicles, will allow us to get critical soldier feedback and advance the implementation of this safety and operational enhancement for the soldier.”