Climate adaptation and resilience

Drawing upon Ricardo’s in-depth knowledge of science, policy and practice across many sectors, we develop and implement multidisciplinary services, with international, national, and local partners, often through extensive stakeholder engagement, regarding:

Adapting to climate change for a more resilient future

  • Identifying and prioritising climate vulnerabilities, risks, and adaptation options and assessing co-benefits and trade-offs to support countries’ national adaptation plan (NAP) processes.
  • Linking NAP processes to NDCs, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Sendai Framework.
  • Developing climate adaptation elements of Long-Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategies (LTS).

  • Scoping, feasibility analysis, programme design and cost-benefit analyses.
  • Developing costed implementation plans for adaptation actions, associated finance strategies and institutional arrangements.
  • Facilitating convergence and coordination of funding.
  • Programme reviews.

  • Identifying and prioritising climate vulnerabilities, risks, and adaptation options and assessing co-benefits and trade-offs, including for the development of cities’ Climate Action Plans.
  • Advising on urban environmental governance, peer-to-peer learning from city networks and smart cities.
  • Supporting vertical integration of subnational and national adaptation planning

  • Supporting the development of climate adaptation policies and strategies, including through undertaking formal impact assessments.
  • Supporting mainstreaming of climate adaptation in legislation, regulation, statutory guidance and standards, national or sectoral policies and strategies, and incentives.

  • Supporting the evaluation of  climate adaptation policies, strategies and programmes.
  • Developing policy, programme and technical monitoring and evaluation frameworks and associated indicators.
  • Compiling Adaptation Communications.

Developing international guidance, tools and knowledge products associated with all aspects of climate adaptation planning and the development of policies and practices.

Climate Adaptation

Case studies

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Meet the experts

Richard Smithers Removebg Preview

Richard Smithers

Technical Director – Climate Adaptation Lead

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Forster D

Dan Forster

Environmental Economics Manager

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Andrea Illes 3

Andrea Illes

Principal Consultant for Green Finance and EU Climate Adaptation Policy

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Beatriz Mayor 2

Beatriz Mayor

Principal Consultant - Environmental policy and science-based assessments

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