Solutions for the chemical sector

Supporting the chemical industry to create a safe and sustainable world.

Our expertise and strong ties with the chemical industry, policymakers and downstream users worldwide enables us to support organisations in understanding and managing challenges related to safety, compliance and sustainability within the chemical sector.

Solutions for the chemical sector


Manage your chemical and wider business risks – from emergency response to supply and transport regulations – by relying on our operational training and support. Our dedicated team of highly qualified, experienced chemists and hazardous materials (hazmat) specialists share their knowledge and expertise to support your business.

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Chemicals policy covers the entirety of the policy cycle, capturing all lifecycle stages of chemical products. We support compliance along with supporting the public and private sectors with the assessment of public policy and understanding the impact of policy changes on companies and sectors, and can also support with assessing product portfolios for business strategies. 

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With experienced subject matter experts in chemical sector regulations and compliance, Ricardo can support businesses in placing, monitoring, and transporting chemical products across the globe.

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Protect people, environment, assets and reputation with our specialist 24/7/365 helpline, providing proportionate advice backed by insurance to maintain compliance, while supporting your wider sustainability and chemical safety strategies.

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Establish true sustainability throughout your product portfolio and minimise risk with our expertise in environmental chemistry and toxicology. We can support your businesses in placing, monitoring, and evaluating regulatory tests, and provide specialist expertise in developing alternative approaches to standard testing requirements. 

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Supporting public sector services around the world with emergency response support, safety information on thousands of chemicals, and access to expert advice and training.

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Sent 2-3 times a year, our chemical solutions newsletter includes updates on global regulations, details upcoming deadlines and explores how the sector and its regulatory controls may evolve in the coming years.

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Decarbonise your business practices, transition to products that are Safe and Sustainable by Design, reduce your environmental toxicological risks and take steps towards a circular and low carbon economy with our expertise and experience we can support your business with all aspects of sustainability.

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Solutions for the chemical sector


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Solutions for the chemical sector Resources

Overview of the proposed 'universal' restriction proposal for PFAS

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Meet the experts

Craig Thomson (1)

Craig Thomson

Head of Chemical Risk (Chemical Sector Lead)

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Gill Pagliuca B&W

Gill Pagliuca

Regulatory Products Knowledge Leader

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Chesney Swanborough BW

Chesney Swansborough

Environmental Chemist / Ecotoxicologist

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Emma Sewell

Emma Sewell

Head of Emergency Response

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