Environmental chemistry and toxicology

Environmental chemistry and toxicology

The global sustainability agenda is forcing governments to radically reconsider how we use chemicals, and their impact on human health and the environment.

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Ricardo supports businesses in placing, monitoring, and evaluating regulatory tests, providing specialist expertise in developing alternative approaches to standard testing requirements. By working as your outsourced team, we alleviate any environmental concerns while maintaining your bottom line.

The sustainability movement has triggered numerous global policy initiatives increasing awareness of chemical persistence when examining global plastic pollution and the presence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment. This focus creates two key challenges for the global chemicals industry: the increased demands for biodegradation testing and persistence assessments, and the complexity of the assessments.


Ricardo has developed the Persistence Assessment Tool to improve the consistency, transparency and robustness of chemical assessments required by global regulations.


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Advance notice of regulatory changes and the impact they will have to business operations enables organisations to act strategically, rather than reacting quickly – and usually paying the price. Undertaking regulatory risk assessments provides a clear view of which chemicals, compounds or products may be impacted in the short- and long-term future and provides an opportunity to explore alternatives.


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The risk level or regulatory controls change frequently, often with the status of a chemical progressing in severity. This can mean that substances become more challenging to use in processes or even deem them inaccessible. Through understanding the scale of challenge this poses for substances used by your organisation and throughout your value chain, our experienced chemical experts can advise where forthcoming regulatory change may present a risk, seek alternative substances, and make recommendations. 


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Challenges to acceptable levels of risk and environmental impact are seeing supplied dossiers examined much closer. Ensuring research investment delivers requires a high level of knowledge, experience and resource to manage the process. With over 50 years of experience in the chemical sector and a team of commercially astute in-house chemists, Ricardo are well placed to support any chemical sector business with requirements such as scientific research, writing publications and presentations, and literature reviews, through to data analysis and the utilisation of monitoring data and modelling.


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Our experience has taught us that no two businesses are alike. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation conversation about the needs of your business - from persistence and biodegradability​ assessments, REACH evaluation  including chemical assessments, dossier improvements, study monitoring, polymers and micro plastics​ - Ricardo's experts can advise and support as required.

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Water Quality And Management


Chemical policy

Expertise to guide through the complex processes and considerations when adapting to, analysing, or developing policy impacting the chemical sector.

Horizon scanning

Maintaining regulatory compliance requires regular monitoring of substances status’, which can be time-consuming and problematic. A horizon scanning tool performs an inventory check to ascertain whether a substance appears on any global regulatory lists, providing status updates in a clear, easy-to-read report. The tool details any obligations and if substances need alteration, allowing you to make strategic decisions sooner and maintaining organisational compliance.

Regulatory training

Develop an understanding of the regulatory requirements of using chemicals in the workplace and how to put them into a practical context. Gain the tools and knowledge to safely discharge responsibilities in general and job specific areas with course content tailored to focus specifically on the regulations most relevant to your business.

Chemical emergency response

Providing specialist 24/7/365 helplines, software, and expert advice to maintain compliance with chemical safety regulations and mitigate risk to your operations and supply chain. Our tailored services and global reach help you safeguard your business while protecting people, planet, and profit.

Environmental chemistry and toxicology


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