New product introduction (NPI) service

Ricardo's New Product Introduction (NPI) service is helping our clients to bring their specialised products to market from concept through to niche volume production and beyond. We offer a bespoke solution tailored to the unique requirements of our clients and their product.

Successfully navigate the challenges of bringing a new product to market

Ricardo uses our proven tools and processes to help businesses from start-ups to multi-national OEMs to successfully develop, launch, and scale up the production of their specialist products. No matter the size of your organisation, we are with you every step of the way to help you realise the production goals for your niche-volume and complex products.

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There are eight key skills that ensure that manufacturing is planned effectively:

  • Process engineering
  • Design for assembly
  • Design for manufacture
  • Quality assurance
  • Supply chain management
  • Project leadership
  • Launch readiness
  • Troubleshooting

It these are essential to ensuring that the NPI process is successful, especially for companies producing complex products at niche volumes.

The Ricardo team ensure that these core skills are weaved through our New Product Introduction process to ensure the success of our clients’ products.

Ricardo provides balanced and trusted technical guidance to help our clients to develop and implement your New Product Introduction strategy in a way that is tailored to their requirements.

Our support is both technical and commercial. It combines expert knowledge of operational manufacturing processes with strategic business insight you need to succeed.

We work collaboratively with you, to understand your issues and develop a solution ready for you to implement, or for us to fulfil if you prefer.

Ricardo's unique approach enables us to:

  • Develop solutions to new product introduction challenges
  • Help our clients to implement new processes
  • Ensure that the new processes fit within the wider ecosystem of the organisation
  • Provide an in depth troubleshooting service
  • Provide project management and engineering implementation services
  • Deliver training solutions on new processes

Any organisation looking to bring a new product to market will benefit from an New Product Introduction framework.

Ricardo's New Product Introduction service is industry agonistic. Our service focuses on delivering NPI for businesses with highly complex or specialised products manufactured at niche volumes.

We work with clients at all stages of their business development journey, from start-ups to organisations with mature product portfolios.

Here are several business cases which can benefit from Ricardo's NPI framework:

  • Businesses looking to break into new markets
  • Businesses looking to adopt new technologies
  • Businesses needing to support new technology requirements
  • Businesses needing to support new customer demands

Ricardo's proven approach to NPI is based on industry best practices gained from work on a wide range of projects related to production optimisation of critical and complex products and processes.

  • Tap into decades of experience in niche volume manufacturing and assembly programmes for the most demanding automotive and motorsport sectors.
  • Access the expertise of over 2900 engineers, environmentalists and hands-on manufacturing experts with experience across a range of sectors from high performance automotive to specialised medical equipment.
  • Our proven NPI tools and techniques solve live manufacturing problems from the supply chain to assembly on a global scale: process engineering; design for assembly and quality management.
  • We deliver a truly bespoke service tailored to the unique requirements of our clients and their products.

Our New Product Introduction Knowledge Centre helps businesses troubleshoot their NPI processes. Our guides will cover your frequently asked questions about the challenges of bringing your new and improved products to the market with confidence.

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Make Ricardo your New Product Introduction Partner

Industry Best Practice

Our proven Ricardo New Product Introduction process is based on industry best practice gained from decades of manufacturing and product development experience across multiple industry sectors.

Tap into Ricardo's Niche Manufacturing Capability

We are niche manufacturers for automotive, aerospace, military, rail, off-highway and medical sectors. We have decades of practical experience to bring your product development programme.

Cross-sector Engineering Expertise

Tap into the unique support of over 2900 experts worldwide including engineers, environmental professionals and hands-on manufacturing experts responsible for running niche manufacturing facilities.

Industry Agnostic Approach

We have worked on a wide range of projects related to the production launch and ramp up of critical and complex products from automotive transmissions to medical-grade technology.

New product introduction (NPI) service


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