Precision component manufacturing

Precision gears, torque path and prismatic components delivered in low to mid volumes for high performance and specialised applications.

Advanced machining of gears, shafts and prismatic components

Ricardo is globally recognised as an independent specialist in the manufacture of precision mechanical components found in propulsion systems and drivelines for applications where reliability, performance, durability, and quality are critical.

We work directly with OEMs, tiered suppliers, vehicle design authorities, and prime contractors to support the delivery of programmes requiring components with complex geometries, tight tolerances, specialised quality management processes, and high precision finishing.

We work regularly with customers in top-flight motorsport, high-performance automotive, off-highway, industrial, marine, defence, and aerospace to meet their complex requirements, either by designing their components for them or by manufacturing to their design on a make to print basis.

We typically supply our clients in series batch quantities of individual components, or as full- or sub-assemblies.

Our manufacturing team are world-class specialists in their field. Using their expert knowledge and our range of advanced machining tools, techniques and processes, they produce gears, shafts, and prismatic components of exceptional quality and precision.

Examples of the components we typically manufacture include:

  • Gears - Spur gears, Helical gears, Bevel gears (Straight, Spiral, hypoid)
  • Shafts
  • Crown wheel and pinions
  • Selector forks
  • Selector rails
  • Selector barrels
  • Cases and housing for gearboxes, axles, and transmissions
  • Engagement hubs
  • Clutch rings
  • Dog rings

Our range of multi-axis CNC machinery, conventional tools and precision techniques enable us to manufacture components with complex geometries and features to exacting tolerances and with superior surface finishes.

The deployment of CNC machining processes enables us to deliver programmes more efficiently, reducing manufacturing time without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness.

Premium quality products start with premium quality materials. Ricardo manufacture using the highest quality materials matched to the bespoke requirements of the client's programme. We primarily work in nitriding, through-hardening, or carburising steels and aluminium. However, we have the expertise and resources to work with other materials upon request, including titanium, magnesium, and copper.

Examples of the steels that we work with include:

  • S155
  • S156
  • 655M13
  • 832M13
  • 817M40
  • 35NCD16
  • 35NCD16THQ

Our supply chain experts work with closely with our clients and our manufacturing team to source materials that match the precise performance, regulatory, weighting, and cost requirements of our clients.

They tap into Ricardo's network of trusted supplier partners to help maintain stable supply of materials which meet programme objects as well as any industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Ricardo’s manufacturing experts use the latest multi-axis CNC machinery, conventional tools and machinery, and precision techniques to create components to exacting tolerances for the most demanding applications.

An example of our in-house machining capability is listed below. For full technical details of our capability, contact us.

  • CNC and conventional turning machines, with vertical and horizontal capability
  • CNC and conventional milling machines with vertical, horizontal and multi-axis capability
  • CNC and conventional milling with internal, external, surface and jig capability
  • CNC and conventional prismatic machining
  • CNC and conventional gear cutting tools - hobbing, shaping chamfering and deburring
  • CNC and conventional gear grinding - external straight, helical and bevel capability, and internal straight and helical capability
  • EDM capability - wire eroding and spark eroding
  • Heat treatment capability
  • Inspection and quality including CMM capability

All of our manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality management controls. Our operations are accredited to both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards, offering our clients assurance that their critical components will be delivered to the highest possible standard for their specialised applications.

We also hold ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for information security management demonstrating our commitment to security and client confidentiality.

Ricardo is an AS9100D-certified supplier of made to specification components to our partners in the aerospace industry.

Our expert manufacturing specialists work with the latest precision CNC machinery to deliver high quality torque path and prismatic components made to client specification and manufactured to exacting tolerances.

All of our manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality management controls. Our operations are accredited to both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards, offering our clients assurance that components will be delivered to the highest possible standard for their non-flight critical applications.

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Spiral Bevel Gears
Prismatic Machined Cases
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Precision component manufacturing


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