Track geometry assessments

Ensure safe and reliable track conditions

PUPIL is an innovative track geometry assessment tool from Ricardo to help ensure safe and reliable track conditions are maintained on the world's railways.

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PUPIL is a sophisticated software tool that simulates the dynamic interaction between the rolling stock and infrastructure (known as vehicle response analyses). It uses a digital twin of the vehicle types running on the network and the track condition data that was captured by measurement vehicles.

The tool examines a selection of vehicle types across a range of variables such as differing speeds and loading conditions. The track geometry is evaluated using calculated vehicle reactions and provides an assessment on track forces, Y/Q safety against derailment coefficient and car body accelerations.

  • Assessment of track geometric quality (level, alignment, cant, twist) by means of calculated vehicle reactions.
  • Safety assessment based on EN14363 quantities: safety against derailment, track loading, car body accelerations.
  • Library of 20 vehicle types: passenger trains, locos, freight wagons.
  • Assessments include multiple defects on the same location and periodic defects (such as cyclic top).
  • Maintenance advice showing cause of safety exceedance.
  • Speed-dependant assessment. In cases of exceeding safety limits, it provides advice on safe speed (speed restriction).
  • Track specific assessment possible (e.g. freight high speed, local) thus reducing unnecessary maintenance actions.
  • Fast processing due to smart model reduction.
  • Compatible with standard output of measuring cars.

  • Assessment of track geometric quality (level, alignment, cant, twist) by means of calculated vehicle reactions.
  • Enhanced safety performance across your network.
  • Reduced costs through preventive maintenance processes.
  • Increased track capacity by intelligence-informed advice on safe speeds limits.
  • Higher passenger satisfaction through improved ride comfort.
  • Compliance to EN 13848-1:2019.
  • Easy implementation.
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Track geometry assessments


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