Vehicle-track interfaces

Specialists in every aspect of vehicle-track interaction

The Vehicle Track Interfaces are of crucial importance for operators, rolling stock owners and infrastructure managers as they have a major impact on the safety, costs and performance of the rail system.

How we can support you

We have a global network of teams and conduct detailed investigations, assessments and perform tests on a wide range. We can solve your issues using various techniques, such as multi-body vehicle dynamics simulations, finite element analysis, predictive modelling and special measurement and testing tools for components such as wheel/rail and pantograph/catenary interactions, vehicle dynamics, gauging, aerodynamics, noise and vibrations, soil dynamics adhesion and EMC.

The railway is a complex 'system of systems' with multiple interfaces that must be managed carefully. Nowhere is this clearer than in the interaction between vehicle and rail track. Specific knowledge and deep expertise is required to understand the causes of interface issues and deliver effective solutions, such as:

  • Wheel Rail Interface
  • Running comfor
  • Vehicle Dynamics and multi-body simulations (Simpack) , see also Virtual Testing
  • Rail and track geometry, see also PUPIL 
  • Track loads and soil dynamics
  • Switches and crossings
  • Infrastructure and rolling stock monitoring, see also our monitoring products (CatMon, PanMon, InfraMon)
  • Pantograph – Catenary interaction
  • Pressure waves and crosswinds
  • Gauging
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) on wheels and rail
  • Adhesion and brake technology
  • Running gear technology
  • Electric Magnetic Compatibility
  • Detection and shunting
  • Traction and energy supply

In order to run a safe and reliable train operation many aspects play a role. We have a variety of services for our clients:
•    On site problem solving (such as vehicle track interaction issues or abnormal wheel rail contact wear)
•    Testing (on-track and virtual by means of simulations)
•    Simpack / RiPAC vehicle dynamic simulations, see also virtual testing
•    Brake and WSP testing
•    Route Compatibility check
•    Track geometry Assessments
•    Assessment of wheel and rail defects and impact on rolling stock and track system
•    Running comfort analyses and testing
•    Adhesion monitoring and improvement
•    Implementation of noise reducing measures
•    Optimising maintenance costs
•    Assessment of small diameter wheels in switches and crossings (CrossCheck)
•    Performing investigations and feasibility studies
•    Derailment investigations
•    Life time extension of bogie and rail components
•    Implementation of monitoring systems

Our experienced teams of engineers possess a solid background in the fundamental principles of railway vehicle-track interaction and contribute to various national and international committees and working groups.

They will ensure your projects have access to the latest techniques, research and industry best practice and the support of experts with a proven record of delivering trusted advice that delivers value.

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Why choose Ricardo

International scope

A global network of specialists who can undertake site visits or work remotely using your inputs.

Assurance and certification support

We can offer independent assessment and engineering safety management services, as well as support product approval applications. 

An industry voice

With our experts contributing to industry committees and working groups, you gain access to the latest techniques and best practice

Vehicle-track interfaces


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