Strategic consultancy

Ricardo's strategic consultancy offering enables our clients to navigate complexity in a disrupted world.

Strategic consultancy


Tap into Ricardo's extensive niche manufacturing expertise to enable the manufacture of complex products at niche volumes for your business. Our expertise and experience in high-performance niche volume manufacture means that we are ideally placed to help any organisation looking to improve their industrialisation processes.

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We help our clients navigate a complex maze of competing industry trends from a macro- to micro-level.

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Ricardo leverages proven strategy development tools to support businesses in entering new marketplaces and meeting top and bottom-line growth targets.

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Our experienced consultants have a deep and comprehensive technology and product knowledge in the industries we serve to support successful M&A deals.

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We combine our technical expertise in the automotive and transportation fields with business acumen and operational experience, which uniquely positions us to advise on the coming disruptions to the industry.

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Our operational strategy support aims to provide a unifying framework for analysing complex issues in manufacturing and service operations.

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Ricardo can align your organisation with the critical changes required for your business to thrive.

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Our team of experienced consultants supports our clients as a trusted advisor in navigating the product development process.

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Scenario planning is a valuable tool to help businesses plan more effectively in an ever-changing world.

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Ricardo offers an objective, informed, and detailed viewpoint on the future for advanced technology.

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Helping our clients understand the challenges associated with the management of complex value chains.

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Strategic consultancy


Strategic consultancy

Ricardo is a globally recognised and awarded as a strategic consultancy expert within the transportation management consulting space. We help our clients navigate complexity in a disrupted world. By offering customer-centric and pragmatic insight underpinned by deep technical understanding we provide clear, actionable direction which drives our customers’ strategy, productivity and growth.

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Ricardo is one of the world's leading strategic management consultancies dedicated to serving the automotive, transportation, and mobility industries. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, advising global leaders on high-impact strategic issues and resolving operational challenges. With our global reach, industry knowledge, business acumen, and deep technical expertise, Ricardo is uniquely positioned within the management consulting industry.

Our value proposition is based on providing professionals who intersect the space between traditional engineering specialists and pure-play strategy consultants to offer our clients technical strategists to assist as trusted advisors on their most difficult challenges. These industry-seasoned, highly experienced teams support a wide client base of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers across the markets we serve. Ricardo’s strategic work is directly supported by the more than 100 years of engineering excellence of the wider Ricardo group, allowing us to provide a unique perspective on strategic questions that are highly informed by technical know-how.

Ricardo’s clients face complex technical and strategic challenges in a dynamic and competitive business environment where cross-functional lines are increasingly blurred. Our capabilities include services within the following functional areas: market intelligence, market growth, mergers and acquisitions, mobility strategy, operational strategy, organisational transformation, product development and optimisation, value chain management, technology strategy, and Ricardo knowledge products. Over the last 15 years, Ricardo has successfully delivered more than 500 major strategic projects covering the entire value chain within the industries we serve.

Below is a selection of awards and recognition achieved for our strategic consulting work:

  • Voted Forbes Best Management Consulting Firms 2020
  • Voted Forbes Best Management Consulting Firms 2019
  • Voted Forbes Best Management Consulting Firms 2018
  • Ford’s Gold World Excellence Award in 2018 - recognising RSC as a top-performing global supplier for Ford Motor Company
  • Voted Forbes Best Management Consulting Firms 2017
  • Ranked #17 Best Boutique Consulting Firm by Vault in 2017
  • Voted Forbes Best Management Consulting Firms 2016
  • Ford’s Gold World Excellence Award in 2015 - recognising exemplary supplier performance in quality, cost, relationships and delivery
  • Named “Consulting Firm of the Year” by Finance Monthly in 2013
  • Named “Automotive Consultancy 2012” by Institute for Transport Management
  • Named “Consulting Firm of the Year” by Finance Monthly in 2011
  • Ford’s World Excellence Award for cost reduction achievement in 2010

Accolades for our culture and commitment to our people:

  • Ranked #9 Best Consulting Firms for Diversity by Vault in 2018
  • Ranked #8 Best Consulting Firm for International Opportunities by Vault in 2018
  • Ranked #11 Best Consulting Firm for Interaction with Clients by Vault in 2018
  • Ranked #12 Best Consulting Firm for Work/Life Balance by Vault in 2018
  • Ranked #13 Best Consulting Firm for Ability to Challenge by Vault in 2018
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