Smart emissions control

Our solutions use geofencing and electronic horizon technology to enable hybrid drivers to benefit from improved fuel economy, whilst also ensuring fewer harmful emissions are produced when in low emissions zones.

30% reduction in harmful emissions and a 7% fuel consumption improvement

Smart emissions control adapts hybrid vehicle energy management systems in real time and changes vehicle behaviour in ringfenced low and ultra-low emission zones. Demonstrating up to a 30% reduction in harmful emissions and a 7% fuel consumption improvement, we can directly improve air quality whilst also improving vehicle efficiency.

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Local councils can improve urban air quality in ultra-low emission zones with our solution, whilst also unlocking critical data about hybrid vehicle operations and performance. Our solution can ensure compliance and also generate revenue from the huge number of plug-in electric hybrid drivers who utilise it.

Vehicle OEMs need to adapt in order to comply with the increase in zero emission operations in cities worldwide. Leveraging real world data to drive operational improvements will allow OEMs to bridge the gap to fully zero emissions solutions. Embedding Ricardo's geofencing solution will also further improve performance dynamically for end-users. 

Fleet operators are facing increasing prices for fuel costs and logistics. Our smart emissions control technology provides a practical solution to increase fuel efficiency via the energy control management system. By utilising a smartphone application, it is possible to retrofit the solution into existing fleets to realise the benefits immediately.

Geofencing App Displayed On Smartphone Inside Vehicle

Why Ricardo for Smart Emissions Control?

Tailored delivery

We map our proven solution to your challenge and propose the most effective way of achieving it, whether you’re looking for improved efficiency, cleaner air in urban areas or emissions compliance.

Extensive engineering experience

Ricardo has an unrivalled depth of knowledge in software development for emissions control, from development to implementation.

Global technical centres

Our expert team can support you globally from our worldwide footprint of technical centres and offices.


Our expert team have proven hardware and software capability. Our geofencing solution can be delivered using a smartphone application or through bespoke retrofitted technology.

Smart emissions control


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