Mechanical systems

With a global footprint, Ricardo offers a wide range of mechanical development, component and systems engineering services and solutions to clients across a broad range of markets and industries.

Supporting future sustainable mobility with mechanical systems

Ricardo’s mechanical systems expertise supports clients across automotive and industrial sectors to manage all aspects of powertrain development, including failure investigation, resolution, and validation. Our processes cover engine design, validation planning, test cycle generation, specialist instrumentation, powertrain development and validation, forensic service, and warranty reduction.

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Ricardo has a global community of specialist engineers providing designs for full engines or individual components, through multi-phase programs to new high-volume production.  

Our world-class engine design and analysis capability is utilised across all engine types and sizes, including electrified and hybrid, to support clients with commercial success.  

Ricardo is a world leader in engine design and analysis. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in providing feasibility studies, including market and competitor analysis and benchmarking services. In addition to providing engines designed to be integral to advanced and hybridised powertrains and vehicles, Ricardo provides concept studies to assess technical and commercial cost attributes and alternative solution development.  

Ricardo’s definitive design experience includes extensive CAE optimisation using both industry standard codes and our own advanced software products, which can also be licensed to customers.  

Our designs are developed for production using ‘design for manufacture’ and assembly techniques, including cost analysis and full design optimisation of components and sub-systems.  

We also specialise in cost reduction studies to optimise the commercial return for clients of exiting product ranges and assess novel engine design concepts, across the automotive and industrial sectors.   

Ricardo has been a leader in NVH development and harshness for over 50 years. During this time, we have continuously improved our analysis techniques, facilities, and resources.  

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Ricardo has extensive experience in developing airpath, combustion and after treatment systems for use in all types of engines, from high performance ICE to the largest marine diesel and gas engines, hybrid, and electrified drivetrains.  

Our sophisticated tools, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), are used to optimise the development process, yielding the highest quality results over shorter timeframes.  

Our aftertreatment development processes include, catalyst system specification, aftertreatment system modelling, synthetic gas reactor studies, system integration packaging, aftertreatment control and calibration and aftertreatment OBD. 

Ricardo is at the forefront of powertrain control and calibration, developing algorithms and strategies for global automotive and industrial clients and working on solutions for future sustainable mobility.  

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The Ricardo range of advanced research engines are used by engineers, researchers, and students globally, to support component and product development. They are equally suited to system studies, advanced research and for use as an educational tool.  

We remain at the leading edge of innovation and regularly review and update our designs to meet expectations and future mobility requirements.

Ricardo’s benchmarking services enable robust technical and commercial comparisons, supporting customers to develop a more competitive future product strategy.

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Why choose Ricardo for mechanical systems?

Our experience supports clients at all stages of the product development lifecycle from concept engineering through to production. 

Our capability

We manage clients through the complete development lifecycle, by utilising an exhaustive mechanical development database of bespoke process and procedures documentation. This includes component, system, and powertrain test procedures (test right, functional and durability), test cycle generation, DVP process document, FMEA and risk assessment.   

Who we work with

Ricardo partners with clients across all global transports sectors to find solutions to the most complex mobility challenges, including supporting future sustainability.  

We work with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to deliver timely and efficient mechanical systems procedures and processes to reduce risk and time to market.  


Ricardo has a wealth of experience and expertise in mechanical systems development and integration for ICE transmissions and electrified powertrains.  

Our process

Ricardo further supports warranty resolution and product development programs, with extensive experience in problem resolution services using our innovative 7D process.  

Mechanical systems


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