Technology innovation

Technology innovations for a safer, cleaner future

Our technologically advanced innovations ensure access to clear air and water, and our cross-sector engineering innovations accelerate decarbonised transportation and are supporting global net zero agendas. 

Optimising technologies for the aerospace sector

The global aviation sector is targeting zero emissions by 2050. Ricardo is at the forefront of clean, efficient propulsion development for the aerospace industry. Our expertise in aircraft propulsion systems and our capability in alternative fuels, electrification and hydrogen technology means that we can offer a broad range of engineering solutions and services.

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Transformative sustainable technology innovation for the automotive sector

For over 100 years, Ricardo has been using engineering and research and development expertise to help global vehicle manufacturers innovate and improve the efficiency and performance of their products to bring them to market quicker and cheaper without compromising safety or quality.

OEMs within the global transport sector are looking for solutions to the world’s most complex mobility challenges, particularly the acceleration towards a sustainable zero carbon future.

Ricardo delivers transformative, environmentally sustainable technology innovation, as the trusted global engineering services partner for clean, efficient, integrated propulsion and energy solutions for global transport customers, leveraging its digital backbone and investment in data science capability to help customers maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

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Accelerating technological deployment in industrial and manufacturing

Ricardo is a globally trusted engineering and manufacturing services partner for clean, efficient, integrated propulsion and energy systems, and with specialisms in niche manufacturing and industrial engineering. We are well placed to guide industrial and manufacturing customers as they seek trusted strategies and implementation for their electrification programmes to accelerate their product or operational decarbonisation.

As OEMs strive to find cost-effective solutions for a varied portfolio of products while meeting the specific vehicle performance requirements that heavy duty platforms entail, Ricardo is uniquely positioned to develop technology innovation solutions to meet their challenges.

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New technology integration for energy decarbonisation

Across multiple sectors and global markets, Ricardo offers independent advice to public and private sector clients seeking to implement ambitious decarbonisation strategies. Our experts also advise government agencies on policy implications, and on financing and regulatory solutions to lower new technology adoption costs and maximise environmental benefits. We have deep knowledge of implementing and integrating new technology safely. We guide our clients to the best solutions for their unique requirements from a technical, environmental, and commercial perspective across the full product life cycle. 

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Marine technology innovation and introduction

Since 1907 when Sir Harry Ricardo developed his first marine engine, our engineering experts have been applying marine technology, innovation and deep domain knowledge to help clients drive efficiency, reduce cost and risk from new technology introduction. 

Hydrogen and renewable energy will play a critical role in enabling the maritime industry to meet its targets of significantly reducing carbon emissions and limiting its impact on climate change. Our experts work across the entire maritime ecosystem with understanding of the policies and technologies needed to support achievement of mandatory emission requirements.

We have a long history of supporting our clients in assessing the most suitable fuel and powertrain for them, including the use of methanol and reformers, and hydrogen fuel cell integration for maritime sector applications.

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Connected and autonomous technologies for rail

Our experts have played a key role in supporting the evolution of connected and autonomous technologies in both the commercial and public transit realms for many years, from the world’s longest driverless metro system to the launch of personal transit systems at major international airports.

Deep technical knowledge of both the automotive and rail sectors means we bring cross-sector expertise to every assignment we undertake.

We have experience of determining technical specification, system integration and functional safety, as well other key disciplines around procurement and supply chains, human factors implications and cyber security.  We construe laws and standards into practical directions for implementation and use our previous experience for guidance in implementation.

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Our key capabilities in technology innovation

Governments and policy makers around the world trust Ricardo's evidence-based guidance and advice when it comes to set and meet national net zero targets in order to cut emissions and tackle climate change.

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Ricardo is the trusted, long-term sustainability partner for organisations around the world.  Our global network of experts provide our clients with robust, science-led expertise to support their national or corporate net zero or decarbonisation objectives.  

We support you to set out effective and realistic solutions; build organisational and supply chain resilience; prepare for future regulatory challenges; and align sustainability with organisational growth and better financial performance.

Combining in-depth knowledge of issues with leading strategic thinking to create action-orientated strategies, we support clients with: 

  • Sustainability/ESG strategy
  • Net zero strategy
  • Circular economy strategy
  • Site decarbonisation strategy
  • Supply chain decarbonisation
  • Life cycle assessment

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  • Evidence and policy: we support governments globally with guidance on evidence and policy 
  • Strategy, economics and feasibility - we undertake consulting, feasibility studies, techno-economic models and life cycle assessments
  • Innovation and implementation - technology and engineering solutions
  • Testing, assurance and certification

Ricardo has a long history of supporting clients on strategic, technical and commercial aspects of new technology innovation and implementation.

Ricardo has over a century of experience in engineering, systems design and development. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of the mobility, energy and environmental agendas.

Working across multiple key industries, we deliver: ​

  • Technologically advanced solutions that ensure access to clean air and water
  • Cross-sector engineering solutions to accelerate decarbonised transportation
  • Innovation to support global net zero and industry agendas
  • Comprehensive expertise in safety, assurance and certification 

We help our clients with:

  • Product realisation: our skilled team builds specialist prototypes and complete small batch production up to full vehicle level
  • Development testing: we cover all aspects from single components to complex systems
  • Validation: we work with global authorities to complete homologation and robustness testing of products following developments

We work with organisations around the world from start-ups to established multi-nationals providing services including: production launch industrialisation consultancy where clients need rapid ramp-ups to transition to higher manufacturing volumes.

Our dedicated New Product Introduction team includes extensive team of qualified and experienced engineers. We also have a dedicated strategic supply chain management team and supplier development team

Our proven Ricardo Niche New Product Introduction process is based on industry best practices, gained from multiple projects across diverse industry sectors. The global network of engineers,  scientists, environmental consultants and hands-on manufacturing experts have renowned technical expertise and a strong track record of process optimisation.  

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Technology innovation


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