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About our services

About our services

Enabling islands to be more sustainable

Ricardo has strong expertise in supporting many island communities across the world, working on projects including the Pacific islands, Caribbean islands, Bermuda and many British Overseas Territories, supporting initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, integrate more renewables into island energy systems from strategy planning all the way through to implementation.

Ricardo supports sustainable development in island states through providing consulting services in the following areas:

• Energy policy and cross-sector strategy 
• Developing enabling regulatory environments
• Integrated resource planning and clean power planning - learn more about power planning here
• Feasibility studies and procurement support
• Licensing, standards and processes for renewable energy - learn more about Ricardo's renewable energy plans here
• Support for island power grid stability and resilience - to read our series of reports on our hydrogen demand mapping reports to help accelerate sustainable transport and decarbonise distilleries
• Smart networks, energy storage and demand-side management - learn more about our energy storage 
• Energy strategy, planning and implementation for airports and ports
• Developing local energy solutions for commercial and industrial sites
• Waste to energy across multiple feedstocks
• Models for regional harmonisation and cooperation
• Capacity strengthening and skills development
• Development and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions and long-term low emission strategies
• Combined energy and economic assessment tool for the energy transition in islands calculating energy demand and supply, power generation mix, investment expenditure. 

Project experience

View the list of projects for islands across the world that we've delivered

São Tomé & Príncipe
• Least-cost development plan for clean and affordable energy

Ascension Island
• Waste strategy and treatment options

Saint Helena
• Renewable energy project: optimising wind generation capacity.


• Developing a 20-year integrated resource plan
• Reviewing a legal, regulatory and policy framework for the electricity sector
• Support for retail tariff reviews
• Developing procurement rules for renewable bulk generation
• Generation lifecycle and investment planning
• Developing performance incentives and standards
• Dynamic network studies
• Grid code review.

• Strategic generation market study
• Tariff structure study.

St. Lucia, Grenada
• Developing an operational and governance framework.

St. Lucia
• Cost of service and tariff study
• Developing a renewable energy strategy.

St Lucia, Dominica and Guyana
• Electricity tariff structure and new tariff design.

• Due diligence of hydro generation project
• Developing electricity regulations
• Evaluating and prioritising loss reduction investments
• Managing services for a loss reduction programme.

• Reviewing an integrated resource plan.

• Electricity tariff study.

Cayman Islands
• Electric utility investment programme and operating performance.

Antigua, Dominican Republic
• National Determined Contributions and Long-term Low Emission
Strategy Support

Scottish Islands
• Gigha – Private wire for wind farm
• Benbecula – Community wind farm audit
• Stronsay – Behind-the-meter battery assessment for wind farm
• Iona – Ground source heat pump district heating system due
• Islay – Community wind turbine due diligence, stakeholder
consultation for the island energy system and  procurement support
for a distillery biomass boiler
• Jura – Assessing a low carbon heating system and developing a net
zero strategy for a distillery
• Fair Isle – Procurement support for an energy system
• Barra & Vatersay – Energy system funding support
• Bute – Carbon footprint
• Canna – Procurement support for an upgrade of the energy system
• Orkney – Water source heat pump district heating feasibility
• Western Isles – Shared ownership of wind farms
• Foula – Advised on an upgrade to the off-grid electricity network

• Delivering the Sustainable Islands International Programme to export
sustainable energy systems and services to global islands
• Reviewing the energy system for a small island
• Identifying niche markets for wave energy
• Due diligence of tidal stream energy project

Isle of Man
• Renewable energy sustainability study and assessing the delivery of a municipal waste management service

• Isle of Sheppey – Community renewable energy feasibility study
• Isle of Wight – Assessing hydrogen opportunities

Channel Islands
• Guernsey – Waste export strategy implementation
• Jersey – Collecting, storing and dispatching domestic batteries

• National Determined Contributions and Long-term Low Emission Strategy Support.

Indian Ocean region
• Framework for Regulatory Oversight for the Regional Electricity Market.

Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu
• Grid integration of variable renewable energy, and evaluating supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and  environmental management system (EMS) design

• Integrating solar energy technologies

• Assessing and providing procurement support to install solar PV
systems for outer islands

• Technical assistance for the utilities authority to improve electricity
supply security and sustainability.

Federated States of Micronesia, Singapore, Nauru
• National Determined Contributions and Long-term Low Emission Strategy Support.

E3M: Energy system modelling coverage 

1 EU and UK
2 Iceland
3 Switzerland
4 Norway
5 Armenia
6 Azerbaijan
7 Turkey
8 Mayotte
9 Algeria
10 Egypt
11 Israel
12 Jordan
13 Lebanon
14 Libya
15 Morocco
16 Palestine
17 Tunisia

1 São Tomé and Príncipe
 • Least-cost development plan for clean and affordable.
2 Ascension Island
 • Waste strategy and treatment options.
3 Saint Helena
 • Renewable energy project: optimising wind generation capacity.

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Map of our projects

Have a look at the map image below to get an overview of island projects we have delivered:


Project highlights

Bermuda Integrated Resource Plan

Ricardo’s energy experts supported the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda to develop the Integrated Resource Plan. Ricardo used in- house system planning tools tailored to island systems and coordinated network studies. We demonstrated the least-cost scenario involves significant renewable energy penetration over the next decade. In the new IRP, 85% of energy would come from renewable sources by 2035 and more than 3 million tons of carbon emissions would be avoided.

This enabled the Regulatory Authority to select the energy mix that would best meet Bermuda’s ambitious and consumer and climate-focused needs over the next 20 years.

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Ricardo supports Bermuda’s first integrated energy plan
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