Jet zero: Net zero aviation

Helping to reduce emissions in aviation

The journey to 'jet zero' is challenging. However, forward-looking organisations in the aerospace sector see an opportunity to rebuild our economy in a stronger, fairer and greener way, with aviation as part of the solution to climate change rather than a major contributor of carbon emissions. 

Jet zero priority areas

Ricardo is committed to help aviation stakeholders (including airlines, airports, ground operators and policy makers) across the world in achieving their trajectory towards net zero

The 'Jet zero' strategy sets out how the UK Government plans to meet its commitment that aviation emissions from the UK will, like those from every other sector, be brought down to net zero by 2050, with sub-targets to make domestic flights and airports net zero by 2040.

The key themes in this strategy are:

  • System efficiencies
  • Sustainable aviation fuels
  • Zero emission flight
  • Markets and removals
  • Influencing consumers
  • Addressing non-CO2

We support airports in their net zero strategies. We’ve worked with a number of UK airports (Gatwick, Glasgow, HIAL, AGS, Farnborough) and have performed various other projects on airport decarbonisation, including a study on GHG emissions associated with aircraft refuelling, providing a complete life cycle assessment (LCA) of lower emission solutions.

We've supported the development of the UK SAF industry by running a UK government programme that disbursed £180m of new funding, the European Commission in exploring the options for a blending mandate for SAF usage across the EU and supported other SAF related projects across the globe. Ricardo is also a partner in the consortium delivering the UK's SAF Clearing House, which was established to support industry to deploy SAF by facilitating the development, evaluation, and qualification of jet fuel from sustainable sources.

We brought our expertise in fuel cell system development to project Fresson, demonstrating that sustainable propulsion technology has a clear route to market.

Ricardo has also worked on hybrid-electric technology in Canada - read more here


Ricardo has worked on various projects throughout the UK and the EU, including technical assessment of options for the future of the EU ETS aviation, and CO₂, availability from point-sources and direct air capture in the EU and the UK.

Check out these insights:

Ricardo to use innovative carbon capture for greenhouse gas removal

European CO2 Availability from Point-sources and Direct Air Capture - Transport & Environment

Ricardo has been involved in developing evidence-based recommendations for options to improve consumer awareness of emissions across different transport modes. 

Ricardo has been advising clients in the UK on what they need to think about for non-CO₂ impacts of aviation.

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