Chemical Compliance Update in the EU & UK


11 June 2024


Chemical risk

Safety and assurance



14:00 (United Kingdom, London)

Join our regulatory experts for an insightful and informative discussion on the incoming changes from EU legislation affecting the chemical sector and those using its products. 

This one-hour session aims to consider the key factors impacting regulatory compliance for chemical companies and their value chains by clarifying the latest regulatory developments and discussing the anticipated changes on the horizon, including: 

  • Poison Centre Transition Period – Final Compliance Date
  • Revisions to CLP
  • ATP Updates 
  • New Hazard Classes
  • Overview of regulatory changes and divergence in the UK (including REACH & SDS)


Our experts will cover the above regulatory updates whilst highlighting the impact on your business and the actions needed to maintain the compliance of your existing REACH registrations, Safety Data Sheets and Poison Centre Notifications. 

Valuable for corporate organisations wishing to maintain chemical regulatory compliance within the EU and those accessing trade markets from outside the EU, our expert panel will also consider the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, Safe and Sustainable by Design and ESPR frameworks and share their expectations for future regulatory changes. 


Featuring our expert panel:

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