Dedicated hybrid engines with sustainable fuels: steps towards net-zero propulsion

In this free webinar, Ricardo’s Dr Richard Osborne and Agam Saroop will draw on the company’s world-renowned expertise in dedicated hybrid engines to share the latest findings of their research project to apply a pre-chamber combustion system to the Magma xEV engine, to enable the highest levels of charge dilution and further increase brake thermal efficiency.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of the key features of the Magma xEV combustion concept: very high compression ratio, long-stroke architecture, and advanced ignition and knock mitigation technologies.
  • Insight into how powertrain electrification can transform engine design and development to increase efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Discussion of the virtual product development and validation process for the combustion concept
    Report of the impact of sustainable biomass-to-liquid gasoline fuels on the combustion process.
  • Consideration of the potential greenhouse gas reductions offered by sustainable liquid fuels while using current fuelling infrastructure and addressing the existing vehicle fleet.

The presenters

Richard Osborne

Richard Osborne

Global Technical Expert – Sustainable Engines

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