PSX 2024


15 October 2024


Chemical risk


10:00 (North America, Detroit)


Denver, Colorado

Now celebrating it’s 10th year, the annual PSX conference hosted by the Product Stewardship Society brings together experts in their fields and industry representatives to share knowledge, discuss both challenges and solutions. 

Speaking at the 2024 event, Ricardo’s environmental chemistry and toxicology experts bring the subject of environmental persistence to the event as this topic is increasingly becoming a key property of interest for both regulatory bodies and the general public. This marks a shift in perspective, driven by recent emerging global issues such as PFAS forever chemicals and plastic pollution.

Exploring the impacts these developments have on shaping new regulatory policy and consumer demand, the session explores how other types of chemicals may be impacted, and how companies should respond to the changing circumstances.

This deep-dive into chemical persistence will cover:

  • What is persistence, and how have recent developments changed the way we look at this property
  • What are the latest regulatory developments around persistence, and how can companies prepare
  • What are the changing consumer expectations, and how should companies respond
  • Which types of chemicals are particularly impacted, with a look at some case studies (e.g. difficult substances, soluble polymers)
  • What is the outlook and likely future direction of travel

Aiming to provide attendees with a greater understanding of the issue of persistence and its implications for product portfolios, meaning future challenges will be better understood building resilience into product portfolios and businesses. 

The presenters

Craig Thomson (1)

Craig Thomson

Head of Chemical Risk (Chemical Sector Lead)

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