Sustainable Airports Webinar: Episode 3

In this free on-demand webinar recording, you'll gain access to discussions on key environmental and sustainability issues high on the agenda for airports, with the following key topics from experts and key takeaways:

Biodiversity Strategies and Net Gain: This session will provide an overview of the recent changes in legislation regarding Biodiversity Net Gain, how this links to the aviation industry and the steps to developing a biodiversity strategy.

Solar Farm: Jessica Briggs at Edinburgh airport will provide an overview of Scotland’s first solar farm built on the airport’s own airfields. The project is one element of their new sustainability strategy, Greater Good, which sets out how the airport will work towards being more sustainable now and in the future, not only reducing environmental impacts, but also how the airport manages and enhances its social and economic impacts        

Carbon RemovalsThis will provide an overview of negative emission technologies and why they are needed, a high level introduction to nature-based and engineered carbon removals and how carbon removals can play a role in supporting decarbonisation of the aviation industry through offsets.

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