Sustainable Airports - Key insights & takeaways

Ricardo's Sustainable Airports Webinar Series, leading the way for sustainability for airports. This episode delves deep into key sustainability issues vital for airports worldwide, providing insights from experts and airports.

Why watch?

  • Expert Insights: Learn from industry experts at the forefront of sustainable airport practices.
  • Actionable Strategies: Discover best practices and actionable strategies to address key environmental challenges.
  • Global Perspective: Gain a global perspective on sustainability with insights from UK and international airports.
  • Stay Compliant: Stay ahead in environmental compliance while ensuring the efficient operation of your airport.

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Water Quality During Winter Operations: Navigating the Challenges Ahead

Each year we’re faced with long winter months, the aviation industry faces an escalating challenge in managing surface water run-off from winter operations. Join our airport water management specialist, Rob Hinks, as he leads a dynamic discussion on best practices and alternative low-carbon de-icer solutions. Stay ahead in environmental compliance and sustainability while ensuring the smooth operation of your airport during the winter seasons.

Climate Change Adaptation: Insights for a Resilient Future

The aviation industry is no stranger to climate-related hazards. Gail Barclay, Head of Environment and Sustainability at Highlands and Islands Airports (HIAL), shares a unique perspective on climate change adaptation and risk management. Explore HIAL's approaches, lessons learned, and emerging opportunities, making this session a must-attend for airports seeking to enhance sustainability practices and climate resilience.

Ultrafine Particles (UFP) at Airports: Unveiling the Challenges and Solutions

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of sustainability in airports, featuring Brian Stacey, Ph.D., who conducted groundbreaking studies on Heathrow Airport. Gain invaluable insights into the challenges posed by Ultrafine Particles (UFP) in the airport environment. Delve into the sources, the impact of aircraft operations, and the far-reaching implications of mitigation efforts across various sectors. Don't miss this opportunity to chart your airport's course toward sustainability and a net-zero future.

The webinar consists of 3 topics, and each topic has a 15-minute presentation. You'll find the recordings of this webinar below. 


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