Sustainable propulsion systems for future military vehicles

What challenges will the defence sector face in reducing CO2 emissions from military vehicles? The defence sector, like most other industries, recognises the importance of decarbonising its vehicles. It is seeking robust technology solutions to achieve net zero future Land Platforms in a cost-effective way while also maintaining or enhancing survivability, safety and performance.

In addition, the reduction of Carbon emissions on Defence land platforms provide a unique engineering challenge partly due to the wide range of operational environments and their expeditionary application.

In this webinar Make UK Defence and Ricardo experts shall discuss alternative energy pathways and propulsion technologies being developed for Automotive and Industrial vehicles and their applicability for Land Mobility.

Make UK Defence is uniquely positioned to discuss the challenges faced by its members across the defence industry and the drive from Government.

With over 100 years of experience in developing propulsion systems for the automotive and industrial sectors Ricardo can bring unique insight into sustainable future propulsion from high performance engineering, to integrating new technologies without compromising on safety or quality, and the diversification required to meet Net Zero goals.

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