Life cycle assessment (LCA)

We enable you to develop a deeper knowledge of your products and services in comparison to others on the market and show you where the most effective changes can be made to improve sustainability. 

Our circular economy expertise

A streamlined LCA of the top selling or most representative product(s) will quickly reveal the 'hot spots' in the product life-cycle. Interventions can then be assessed for their ability to reduce the most significant uses of energy, water and raw materials, and associated cost savings can be identified.

In addition to ISO 14040 compliant studies, Ricardo can conduct LCA studies which align to the European Commission’s recommended Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology and related existing category rules.

If a particular product or process intervention is being considered, LCA is the best way to ensure that the change will not introduce unexpected environmental impacts.

Many organisations are now using lifecycle thinking to go beyond environmental impacts and consider the social and financial impacts of their products. Ricardo can tailor a plan to suit your organisation, whether you are just starting to investigate social impacts, or already have data and systems in place and want to go further.

A high-level assessment of the overall business may reveal an unexpected environmental impact profile that, in turn, leads to new directions in business development.

The data and analysis following an LCA study can be used to identify ‘hot spots’ and focus efforts when looking at resource efficiency (including water & energy) and to target and measure the success of circular economy thinking.

If you have already developed an LCA and intend to publish the results or use it to support marketing claims or comparative assertions, ISO 14044 requires that the LCA study undergoes a third-party critical review process prior to publication.  Ricardo has experienced LCA practitioners who can perform critical reviews according to best practice and international standards, either as an independent expert or as part of a review panel.

The results of a LCA can be communicated through a comprehensive LCA report or an EPD.  Ricardo is a corporate member of The International EPD System (IES) and members of our team are approved Individual Verifiers of IES, enabling us to provide a full EPD service. In addition we can support you by going beyond the EPD and provide expertise to manage and mitigate any risks identified. The EPD that we prepared for James Jones can be viewed here

Legislation surrounding green claims is increasing on a global scale and at the same time more accusations of greenwashing are hitting the headlines causing huge reputational damage to the companies involved. A product or comparison LCA can provide the evidence behind your green claims. Ricardo’s experts can help you to develop green claims for your products that are robust under scrutiny from legislators, consumers and investors.

Please get in touch to discuss how our in-depth life cycle assessments go beyond a basic service to add real value for your organisation.

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Life Cycle Assessment At Ricardo

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Life cycle assessment (LCA)


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