Chemicals policy

Covering the entire lifecycle of chemical products.

Supporting compliance and the public and private sectors with the assessment of public policy and understanding the impact of policy changes on companies and sectors and can also support with assessing product portfolios for business strategies. 

With in-house experts in policy analysis, chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology, nanomaterials, exposure assessment and economics, Ricardo understands what companies must do to maintain compliance now and have the tools and resources to support organisations in achieving global compliance, while also understanding what potential policy changes may be. Through the application of methodologies such as analysis of alternatives and portfolio screening, we work with organisations to identify areas of focus for change, ensuring their products are safe and sustainable, as well as exploring how changes to policy may impact their business and value chain, ensuring global compliance and access to markets is maintained - even through periods of regulatory and policy change.

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Our team of internationally recognised policy, economics and environmental experts have extensive experience in helping governments and international organisations navigate the complex and ever-changing policy landscape. 

Specialising in a wide variety of policy analysis methodologies, such as evidence review, stakeholder consultation, impact assessment, evaluation, socio-economic analysis, regulatory management option analysis, and in-depth modelling, we offer a full range of consulting services to support your objectives and help you make informed decisions to drive positive change for the environment.

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Insight and experience obtained from many years of involvement in research projects, working groups, steering committees and impact assessments mean our expert team are well placed to inform, consult and provide evidence to support regulatory decision making. 

Our expertise has been sought for projects commissioned by organisations such as the European Commission, European Agencies, and National Governments, as well as private industry.

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More chemical risk solutions for your business

Emergency response

Protect people, environment, assets and reputation with our specialist 24/7/365 helplines, software and reliable advice backed by insurance to maintain compliance, while supporting your wider sustainability and chemical safety strategies.

Regulatory training

Develop an understanding of the regulatory requirements of using chemicals in the workplace and how to put them into a practical context. Gain the tools and knowledge to safely discharge responsibilities in general and job specific areas with course content tailored to focus specifically on the regulations most relevant to your business.


Acting as a first port of call for emergency response advice and recommended actions when tackling spillages, fires and decontamination, the Chemdata app contains information on over 62,000 chemical substances and is trusted by first responders and fire and rescue services around the world.

Chemicals policy


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Johansen Becca

Becca Johansen

Associate Director, Chemicals Policy

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Emma Sewell

Emma Sewell

Head of Emergency Response

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Craig Thomson (1)

Craig Thomson

Head of Chemical Risk (Chemical Sector Lead)

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