Chemical emergency response

Chemical emergency response

Protect your business with chemical emergency response – incident support, expert advice and guidance available globally 24/7/365

More than just a telephone number. 

A key part of risk management is being prepared for when an incident may occur and ensuring you have plans in place to avoid or minimise the impact on people and the environment. This will ensure an incident has a better chance of being managed before escalating into a large-scale incident, therefore reduce unnecessary intervention costs, as well as reducing the impact on your reputation from damaging media coverage.

We have the infrastructure to ensure best practice in line with the European Chemical Industry Council’s (Cefic) guidelines for Level 1 Emergency Response at all times resulting in us being recognised internationally as a “best in class” provider by the largest chemical producers, demonstrating industry trust in our capacity.

Demonstrate your commitment to Responsible Care to your stakeholders and wider supply chain by providing 24/7/365 incident support across your entire chemical product portfolio.

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Our chemical experts provide clear, proportionate guidance to front line teams for a quicker response to emergency situations. Helping them gain control of the scene, support the mitigation of the impact, ensure your customers get the help they need and reducing harm ultimately minimises the impact to people, assets, environment and reputation.

Our emergency responders are able to provide advice, supporting front line callers in resolving the incident quickly and safely, by going beyond simply providing product information or safety documentation. Insurance to provide advice is only given to trusted experts in their field of work, making us unique in our approach to incident response.

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Having a robust and versatile telephone emergency response partner in sustainability reporting demonstrates to stakeholders that you are serious about protecting the environment, their employees, their stakeholders and their reputation when an incident occurs at any point in the product or chemical life cycle.

We align with your organisational commitments to the environment and sustainability by providing a capability that actively mitigates and manages the impact of your organisation on its supply chain by going ‘beyond the minimum’. 

We aim to build a partnership with our customers and work with you to understand your evolving business operations and challenges, fulfil emergency response requirements, and manage the dynamic regulatory landscape that supports your company growth goals and targets including environmental, social and governance.  

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Chemsafe is the chemical industry’s voluntary scheme for providing expert advice to the emergency services in the event of a chemical emergency. Designed to deliver a rapid and co-ordinated response following a chemical incident to minimise the risks to people, the environment, assets and reputation, the service is funded by the Department for Transport and the Chemical Industries Association.

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC), operated by Ricardo, has performed a central role in the scheme since 1973 by providing chemical expertise, advice and guidance, along with access to an extensive database of chemical product information, including products no longer manufactured. 

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Our experience has taught us that no two businesses are alike. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation conversation about the needs of your business - from emergency response, to regulatory compliance, to product sustainability - Ricardo's experts can advise and support as required.

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Safety data sheet management (SDS)

Offering content reviews, compliance verification, authoring and translation services, Ricardo’s qualified and experienced chemical experts are well placed to support your business produce high-quality SDS and comply with the complex and varied requirements of different territories and their regulations. 

Other services include tailored SDS training courses for your in-house teams, management of poison centre notifications, and the opportunity to have your SDS sheets added to the Chemdata database, supporting blue-light services in a chemical incident. 

Emergency response training

Providing training courses tailored to the needs of your business should you have to respond to and manage chemical emergency or hazmat incidents. With off-the-shelf and bespoke training options, each package balances technical requirements with tactical understanding of how to respond to a live incident and are delivered in person or via e-learning by qualified chemists and hazmat experts with a background in emergency response.


Acting as a first port of call for emergency response advice and recommended actions when tackling spillages, fires and decontamination, the Chemdata app contains information on over 62,000 chemical substances and is trusted by first responders and fire and rescue services around the world.

Notification of non-chemical emergencies

Deliver messages to key stakeholders in their own language, when the worst happens, enabling your organisation to orchestrate an appropriate and timely response, from anywhere in the world. Ricardo’s dedicated, professional, highly trained and multi-lingual incident response service operates 24/7/365 and provides analysis and reports to help your business minimise future risk.

Chemical emergency response


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