Value chain strategy and management

Helping our clients understand the challenges associated with the management of complex value chains.

End-to-end services addressing any aspect of value chain management

Disruption in the value chain can be catastrophic. Ricardo offers end-to-end services that can address any aspect of value chain management. Combing our strong technical pedigree with industry-leading business acumen, we work closely with your team to craft and manage a value chain strategy that gives our clients that competitive edge.

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Global procurement strategy and risk management

Most companies have complex value chains that are also continually impacted by external conditions such as government policy, macroeconomic conditions, and natural disasters. Ricardo can cultivate successful procurement strategies, delivering cost-competitive components from a world-class supply base while providing security from supply chain disruption.

Critical parts shortage resolution

While companies often have a dedicated cross-functional task force team to attack and resolve part supply shortage issues, these resources can quickly become overwhelmed when systemic issues hit many points in the supply chain in a short time frame. Ricardo provides a self-sufficient, fast, global and comprehensive response to these critical issues.

Sales and marketing

Companies are faced with increasingly competitive environments in which capturing and retaining customers profitably is a great challenge. Ricardo helps organisations understand customer requirements and track consumer behaviour in the fast-changing global environment

Sourcing execution and optimisation

Many companies are unsure of how to transform their procurement organisations to reduce costs while maximising value from supplier relationships. Ricardo can unlock hidden value in direct material purchasing with opportunity prioritisation and sourcing execution while directing supplier development and performance improvement.

Profit and cash flow improvement

Profit optimisation requires a thorough analytical evaluation of the product portfolio to ensure the balancing of both cost and pricing metrics to identify opportunities to improve profitability and cash flow. Our experienced consultants lead cross-functional client teams to develop holistic plans for optimising profit potential, impacting revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.

Having a solid and efficient procurement strategy is vital to any successful business in the automotive and transportation industry. Typically, a modern vehicle may contain upwards of 30,000 individual components, sourced from hundreds of separate suppliers spread across the globe. From small components to complicated devices, many elements are sourced from third-party manufacturers, and when there are problems with products or material at any portion of the supply chain, the impact on value chain participants can be catastrophic. The ability to manage this complexity effectively is a key capability for any manufacturer in the automotive or transportation industry, and it typically requires large, high-skilled teams. However, as market forces drive consolidation throughout the value chain, increasing supplier power is disrupting traditional relationships between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their supply base. Furthermore, the combination of increased competition, rapid technology adoption, and stagnation of traditional markets requires new, flexible approaches to product manufacturing, such as localised supply chains producing common global platforms.

Manufacturers that can react quickly and effectively to these new realities are those that will prosper in the next era of the automotive and transportation industry. At Ricardo, we provide a range of service to assist clients in this area, from development of global procurement strategies and risk management to sourcing execution and optimisation. Our team can help your organisation communicate value to customers in a loud marketplace with improved sales and marketing. Finally, we can help your company stay competitive and unlock cash for investment through our profit and cash flow improvement strategies or reduce costs exclusively through programme management and total value management (TVM).

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Value chain strategy and management


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