Energy transition

Leading expertise in the strategic and tactical transition to clean and sustainable energy

Energy transition


Ricardo’s knowledge and expertise in biomass technology provides you with a comprehensive resource to support all aspects of biomass implementation from researching the most appropriate technology for your organisation, through to identification of most cost-effective fuel procurement. We also provide insight and technical advice in all aspects of biomethane production and use.

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Ricardo has leading expertise and knowledge on many aspects related to carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) including technology evaluation and assessment, due diligence, techno-economic analysis, life cycle and environmental impact assessment, market analysis and supply chain evaluation.

Over the past decade, we supported both the public and private sectors on a wide range of CCUS topics. Our comprehensive understanding of the power generation and carbon dioxide capture and industrial utilisation technologies as well as knowledge of the policy and regulatory landscape worldwide enables us to support our clients on many fronts.

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Ricardo has world-leading expertise and knowledge on all aspects of the design, development, quality assessment and policy development associated with the use of combined heat and power (CHP).

Our technical and market expertise supports both governments and private sector clients in this complex area. Our understanding of the technologies, policy and regulations enables us to support our clients in achieving both energy and carbon dioxide emission reduction targets.

We work across all sectors covering all types of CHP technologies, all types of fuels and at all size scales, including emerging technologies such as anaerobic digestion, gasification and pyrolysis.

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Ricardo has a long track record in offering consultancy on energy and carbon to governments, other public sector bodies and to businesses across a wide range of sectors. Our services are focused on using high quality approaches to energy and carbon management to deliver you value across a wide range of areas. These include implementing best practice, undertaking policy evaluation and delivering stakeholder engagement.

In the past 10 years we have worked with over half the FTSE 100 businesses, providing advice on cutting energy costs and carbon emissions.  

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Ricardo provides technical, market, regulatory and procurement support to developers, investors and operators of energy from waste (EfW) facilities at all stages of your project.

Our due diligence team has a deep technical understanding of energy from waste and biomass energy generation technologies, including combustion (incineration), advanced conversion technologies (ACT) (gasification, pyrolysis and combination technologies), and anaerobic digestion (AD), EfW and associated technologies, waste market knowledge, expertise in the low carbon energy sector, and a unique combination of policy and regulation insight through its work with the UK and other European Governments.

Our experience gained from advising developers, technology providers and procuring authorities, coupled with our extensive waste market knowledge, expertise in the low carbon energy sector, and a unique combination of policy and regulation insight through our work with the UK and other European Governments, enables us to provide you with holistic advice that minimises risk and maximises the benefits to your project. 

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Our heat decarbonisation team is at the forefront of supporting both public and private sectors to turn the challenge of decarbonising heat into opportunities. We carry out techno-economical assessments and options appraisals, develop strategies and roadmaps for the transition to low carbon heating (including infrastructure and heat networks), and develop innovative technologies such as bioenergy and carbon capture with storage (BECCS), and alternative fuels such as hydrogen, and biofuels.

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Ricardo supports organisations around the world to better understand sustainable hydrogen and plan for, as well as invest wisely, in this exciting solution to deliver net zero.

We provide comprehensive and independent guidance on all types of hydrogen projects, trusted by industry leaders and governments and have already helped clients with understanding the current and future market, impacts on cities and countries and emerging hydrogen-based technologies.

As a multidisciplinary consultancy our in-house experts span the areas of energy, transport and sustainability, combined with expertise in engineering and experience of supporting governments worldwide with strategy and policy development.

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Ricardo has expertise in the business and technical issues involved in connecting renewable and conventional energy technologies into existing energy networks - whether large hydropower schemes, conventional thermal power stations or dispersed generation projects (such as wind farms and biomass-fired plants).

We provide world-leading, smart-grid solutions to optimise connections and network performance. 

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Our team of energy experts work with a variety of sectors, including heavy industry, manufacturing industry, food and drink, transport, healthcare, water, waste and facilities management. We provide innovative solutions tailored to your needs, supported by our specialists in energy systems, sustainability, carbon capture, sustainable transport, energy from waste, and more. 

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Ricardo offers a range of services to help clients implement smart networks that are intelligently integrating generation, storage and demand in real-time whilst guarding the network assets.

We have extensive experience supporting the development of self-healing and smart grid electricity networks. Our team consists of world-leading experts with a deep understanding of the technical and economic challenges associated with the development of intelligent networks, both in the context of urban energy systems as a whole and in rural and off-grid settings. 

In addition to providing technical advice, our experts also have experience facilitating collaborative ventures (bringing together academic institutions, major manufacturers, utilities and investors) on ground-breaking projects, which will shape the future of the energy industry. 

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Energy transition


Energy transition

We can support your organisation with scientifically robust and high quality approaches to energy transition to deliver you value across a wide range of areas. These include implementing best practice, undertaking policy evaluation and delivering stakeholder engagement.

Ricardo has a long track record of supporting organisations with compliance. For many pieces of energy and carbon regulation we have worked with government departments and agencies in the development and administration of regulation, and this gives us an unrivalled insight into compliance requirements. 

We can minimise the burden of your compliance activities, assisting you with everything from interpretation of regulation to preparing and submitting compliance reports. Our regulatory support includes:

  • European requirements arising from Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive
  • The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
  • Mandatory greenhouse gas reporting
  • The Heat Network Regulations

Combined compliance offering

Many of our customers are impacted by more than one regulation, often with overlapping requirements. In these instances we can provide a strategy for an effective route to compliance, saving both time and resource for your organisation.

  • GHG reporting
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA)
  • ISO50001 
  • ISO14000

  • Energy and carbon footprinting and modelling
  • Cost reduction
  • Auditing and measure prioritisation
  • Data measurement, reporting and management

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Life cycle analysis
  • product carbon footprints

Energy and carbon mitigation services, including behaviour change (including communications and cultural change) and supporting investment in energy efficient technology.

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