Corporate governance

Strong governance and strategy

High standards of corporate governance

Our board has a responsibility to ensure that the company delivers not only to its shareholders but also for a much wider set of stakeholders, including its employees and customers


Our company policies and procedures are in place to enable us to deliver our products and services in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Board of directors

We are led by an experienced board of directors that are committed to ensuring Ricardo is positioned to deliver sustainable and profitable growth 

Board roles

The board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company, assisted by the executive committee and its appointed advisors 

Board committees

Our key committees provide a platform for the board to deal with specific issues that require specialised areas of expertise

S172 statements

Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 sets out a number of general duties that directors owe to a company- bolstering the transparency and accountability in corporate governance. 


Our financial advisor and corporate brokers support us in developing our business at all levels- from daily investor relations to major strategic developments

Gender pay report

In accordance with the Equality Act, companies in Great Britain with more than 250 employees report their performance on pay equality

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Latest annual report

Ricardo plc annual report and accounts 2021/22