Pratt And Whitney

Advanced hybrid-electric propulsion for aerospace

Ricardo has signed a multi-year deal with Pratt & Whitney Canada, a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft and helicopter engines and auxiliary power units. 

The multi-year deal will see the Ricardo aerospace engineering team support Pratt & Whitney Canada in the development of advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for next generation aircraft.


Pratt & Whitney Canada is targeting a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency and commensurate reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, compared to today’s most advanced turboprop engines for regional aircraft.

Ricardo has been challenged to support the Pratt & Whitney Canada team with the development of advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft.

Hybrid-electric propulsion technology is a core element of Pratt & Whitney’s strategy for continually advancing the efficiency of aircraft propulsion systems, in support of the industry-wide goal of achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions for aviation by 2050.


Ricardo is using the following approach to support Pratt & Whitney Canada on this project:  

  • Utilisations of Ricardo’s expertise in the aerospace industry to support Pratt & Whitney Canada’s in-house engineering team.
  • A focus on the development of advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies.
  • Providing bespoke advice and support, in additional to technical expertise.


  • This is a new opportunity to bring zero-emission technology to the aerospace industry alongside a global market leader in the sector.
  • It represents a significant milestone for Ricardo, as it expands its capabilities and footprint in North America and explores new opportunities supporting the decarbonisation of the global aerospace sector.


  • The client gains access to Ricardo expertise in the development of advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies.
  • This project will help Ricardo build on its existing reputation for the innovative design and delivery of future-forward solutions for aerospace customers, creating clean, efficient, and integrated propulsion systems for next generation aircraft and building on our vision of creating a safe and sustainable world.
  • Over the course of the project, Ricardo will support Pratt & Whitney Canada with the delivery of new hybrid-electric population technologies, helping increase visibility of our own expertise, and enabling the transfer of knowledge.
  • The project also supports the creation of a new centre of excellence for the aerospace industry for Ricardo, based in Quebec.


Pratt & Whitney Canada

Key Services

Systems engineering and integration
Engineering, design and development

Start and end dates

07/2022 - 07/2024




Quebec, Canada

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