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Redesign and re-engineering of Scrambler Motorcycle


Ducati wanted to redesign and reengineer its Scrambler motorcycle, taking the existing style and performance attributes from previous incarnations and developing a new offering that would appeal to existing customers and new ones. They engaged Ricardo’s specialist motorcycle team to support this activity.


Working to a specific style guide and to Ducati standards, Ricardo worked closely with the Ducati team on the design and delivery of three Scrambler motorcycles, Icon, Full Throttle and Night Shift, providing proto assembly and testing. The team also worked with the final supplier through to the start of production. The project involved a global Ricardo team in the UK, Prague and Italy.

In addition, Ricardo supported Ducati with start of production phase validation activities, conducted on a test track and on the road. The team provided weekly reports and immediate follow-up actions, which allowed the project to progress more quickly, with more efficient product improvements. 

This represents the first turnkey project that Ricardo has delivered for Ducati for an on-road motorcycle – although the businesses have a long and established relationship, having worked on previous projects together. 


Besides the technical challenge, the project entailed creating an effective relationship and network in order to build trust. Ricardo continues to support Ducati on several projects. The project was a great opportunity for the Ricardo team to develop knowledge and skills and due to the tight timescales involved it also ensured that the team worked efficiently to overcome any challenges, including operating cross-border from different geographies. 





Start and end dates

07/2021 - 07/2022



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