Vehicle Health Management System

Vehicle health management system (VHMS) for the US Army

The challenge

Our US Army customer faced the challenge of requiring a common architecture and set of requirements for realizing vehicle health management across their vehicle fleet.    The customer was seeking a secure computing platform to support the collection, management and analysis of vehicle health data in a continually changing environment, in order to identify signatures of failure onset (for prognostics development), and also to track the health, reliability, and operational status of the vehicle fleet.

The solution

Our initial efforts were focused on providing system engineering support to our US Army customer with the development of a common architecture and set of requirements for realising vehicle health management across their vehicle fleet. 

We developed and delivered a secure operating system and kiosk manager software product that conforms with ever-changing cybersecurity requirements and is capable of satisfying all stakeholder needs.

The vehicle health management system (VHMS) is the enabler for implementing prognostics/predictive maintenance (PPMx) which would significantly improve how vehicles will be maintained and sustained. A successful implementation would ultimately result in increased system availability at lower operational cost.

The value to the customer

  • Supports implementation of prognostics/predictive maintenance (PPMx) capabilities 
  • Improved application software integration in a secure computing environment Ensures that the principle demonstration vehicle is interoperable with the logistics data Enterprise
  • Analysis of collected vehicle data provides insight into future potentials for off-loaded VHMS data
  • A tried and tested solution: this capability has been incrementally demonstrated over a series of field exercises that have moved it closer to its full-scale fielding across the Army Enterprise 


US Army

Start and end dates

03/2022 - 03/2030



Approx. value of contract



USA, Detroit

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