Reg Webinar

Are you ready for industrial use poison centre notification deadline and GB divergence of safety data sheets?

06 Nov 2023


Watch our on-demand webinar as our regulatory experts discuss industrial-use poison centre notifications, limited vs full notifications, using a rapid response number for your limited submissions, examples of GB divergence and how to maintain your regulatory compliance.

During this webinar our regulatory experts focus on:

  • Understanding which products fall under industrial use and the difference between limited vs full submissions.
  • How using a rapid response number provider, such as Ricardo, for your limited submissions can help you protect your confidential mixture formulations.
  • Examples of the current 18% GB divergence from the EU and the impact of it on widely used substances.
  • Why preparing your safety data sheets to maintain compliance in the face of increasing divergence is key.
  • How you can scan for upcoming global regulatory changes and remain ahead of the curve


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