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20 Mar 2020

Euro 7 emissions legislation for light duty vehicles, and Euro VII for heavy duty vehicles, are on the horizon with calls for implementation as early as 2025. As such, OEMs need to start preparing across a wide range of disciplines and departments.

The challenge is that manufacturers are having to begin product planning, advanced R&D including technology screening, test and measurement readiness, and development of new processes, tools and techniques - without visibility of exactly what they are preparing for.

Ricardo is actively helping to shape the developing Euro 7/VII legislation via the delivery of a range of collaborative R&D projects, such as the Horizon 2020 DownToTen project, and backed up by our own targeted research initiatives. This has put us in an excellent position to be able to offer insider insight into what we expect to be covered in the new legislation. These include:

  • Reducing the limits of existing regulated pollutants
  • The introduction of new pollutants
  • Further commonisation of regulations between differing vehicle powertrains and fuels (where practical)
  • Increased emissions robustness
  • Increased on-board monitoring
  • All driving conditions expected to be covered

In addition to this insight, Ricardo has developed a deep understanding of emissions formation and know-how by being at the forefront of future emissions and air quality research.

Our Capability

  • We are technology agnostic and are developing solutions for all on-road sectors for all fuels and powertrain complexities
  • We have next generation emissions measurement equipment and know-how to repeatably measure regulated and unregulated pollutants at near background levels
  • We are focused on air quality improvement and are motivated to develop solutions which minimise pollution towards zero effective emissions under all conditions of use throughout their lifetime
  • We members of the CLOVE consortium and are well-connected and active within a global network of experts
  • We have a future fuels vision and are developing combustion systems and aftertreatment solutions tailored to future fuels
  • We are thought leaders and have focused R&D projects and are publishing technical papers in this area.

With our cross-disciplinary and multi-sector knowledge, Ricardo is well positioned to support our customers in meeting the product development challenges associated with Euro 7 and VII regulation introduction.

To that end, we have developed interactive workshops for both Euro 7 and Euro VII which are tailored to focus on the topics and concerns which matter most to our customers. It is designed to give an increased understanding of the likely Euro 7 scope and timing via interaction with Ricardo experts on legislation, air quality, engines and aftertreatment.

The workshop can cover a range of topics which are of most interest to the customer and will be delivered by Ricardo experts in emissions legislation, air quality, engine development and aftertreatment. The workshop can be delivered on-line to enable wider and more remote attendance.

To enquire about a booking a workshop session tailored to suit your needs, please fill out the form outlining your requirements and challenges.

Phil Hopwood

Phil Hopwood

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