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New Ricardo/’RiCK’ curated information services on hydrogen developments

14 Dec 2020


As industry, governments and regulators strive to decarbonize transportation of all kinds – from automotive to marine, rail and aviation – hydrogen is becoming the focus of significant additional interest both as a fuel and as an energy vector and store.

Two new services from RiCK™ – Ricardo’s online knowledge system – are being launched to help executives, engineers, scientists and regulators navigate the complexities and potential opportunities presented by innovations in hydrogen. All information is drawn from reliable sources and is organised under carefully considered headings, saving valuable research time.

The first is RiCK News Hydrogen – a weekly email update service that offers the very latest in cross-sector information relating to hydrogen adoption. Drawing on content aggregated from approximately 80,000 trusted news and relevant industry sources including Reuters, Bloomberg, Automotive News and Business Wire, the content is expertly curated by Ricardo. RiCK News Hydrogen includes headlines together with article summaries and links to the original sources. Articles are grouped into categories, including hydrogen production channels, sector applications such as marine, rail, and wider contexts such as related policy and regulation initiatives and strategic innovation programmes.

In the final weekly newsletter of each month, RiCK News Hydrogen will highlight key hydrogen news items which signal significant technical and market developments or trends. A synopsis of news items will be discussed in the context of regional, national and supra-national Net Zero ambitions. The RiCK News Hydrogen service is likely to be of high-level interest to an audience including business professionals and investors focusing on the automotive and transportation sectors, and those leading technology start-up businesses centred on hydrogen innovations.

Secondly, the new RiCK Hydrogen Technical Update provides a detailed monthly technical digest targeted at engineering teams. The aim of the Hydrogen Technical Update is to assist engineers in their efforts in hydrogen-related R&D projects, and as such it provides much greater technical detail. The service provides a summary of recently published technical literature from sources such as the IMechE, Science Direct, Springer and SAE as well as white papers and other open access sources. A comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences and webinars related to hydrogen are also included, with papers sorted by subject, thus saving researchers time in finding the most relevant technical information for their needs.

In addition to the two new hydrogen-focused channels, the RiCK database is also extending and augmenting its hydrogen-focused content. Continuously updated and refreshed with the latest research publications and with over 300,000 abstracted references from trusted sources, including technical conference papers, journal articles, industry reports, white papers and press releases, the database is the core of the RiCK knowledge management and information service.


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