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Ricardo joins Scottish hydrogen association

19 Apr 2021


Ricardo is bidding to raise its profile in the hydrogen sector by joining the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA).

The world-class environmental, engineering and strategic consulting company is one of a growing number of businesses from the UK and beyond that have joined the organisation.

The SCFCA helps to endorse and advance Scottish expertise in the hydrogen and fuel cell arena and gives its members a voice in the industry’s future.

Colin McNaught, Ricardo’s Head of Transport Energy Infrastructure, said: “It was a natural step for us to join SCFCA. Membership will allow us access to industry updates through SHFCA’s briefings as well as helping increase our profile in the hydrogen sector.

“It will provide us with links to potential partners in the sector for collaborative projects, and new links to companies in the energy sector in Scotland.”

Ricardo is involved in hydrogen projects across all transportation sectors. It manages the UK grant scheme for hydrogen refuelling stations for vehicles, as well as undertaking assessment of green hydrogen and green ammonia in around 10 countries for marine vessels.

On the tracks, Ricardo has assessed the costs of hydrogen for the rail sector and provided the certification for the first hydrogen train to run on the UK network, while in the air, specialists are leading the development of a hydrogen fuel cell solution to power a nine-seater aircraft.

Alastair Parke, Director of Strategy & Development and Global Head of Strategic Consulting, said: “We are already working on hydrogen and fuel cell technology, providing clean efficient solutions which reduce carbon and noxious emissions across a wide range of sectors. We are investing £2.5million in a hydrogen development and test facility and committed to becoming a world-leader in hydrogen and fuel cell services and solutions to help accelerate net zero transportation.”