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Tracking shippings course to a zero emissions future

30 Nov 2023

Tracking shippings course to a zero emissions future: A maritime podcast

Tim Scarbrough, Director of Maritime at Ricardo and Toni Stojcevski, General Manager, Project Sales & Development at Wärtsilä feature as guests on the podcast with Author Mark Williams.  

On the podcast, the three maritime professionals discuss the ‘what, where, and when’ in relation to decarbonisation technology and regulations. The discussion covers engine developments, including for dual-fuelled vessels operating on ammonia or methanol; how marine engine efficiency can support CII compliance, and the future of the internal combustion engine in the shipping sector. Scroll to listen

Tim Scarbrough is the Director of Maritime at Ricardo, a global engineering, energy and environment consultancy firm. Ricardo delivers solutions from policy and strategy to the delivery and implementation of client programmes. Ricardo works to ensure access to clean air and water; delivers cross-sector engineering solutions to accelerate decarbonised transportation; supports global net zero and industry agendas; and has comprehensive expertise in safety, assurance and certification. Tim has directed many techno-economic and policy studies for policymakers at the International Maritime Organization and in the European Commission. This includes earlier this year leading the important study on the readiness and availability of low- and zero-carbon technology and marine fuels for the IMO Secretariat that fed in to MEPC80, which provided the evidence base that many Member States needed to be assured that the more ambitious GHG Strategy was feasible.

Other high-profile studies he has led include co-authoring the seminal paper “Sailing on Solar”, which, all the way back in early 2019, assessed how green ammonia could decarbonise shipping whilst benefitting developing economies rich in renewable energy, as well as supporting the European Commission across a host of maritime topics. For the Commission this includes assessing the impacts of policy options for controlling GHG emissions, improving accessibility of green finance for maritime, and analysing their policy proposals to the IMO on GHG reduction measures. As a result, his work covers evidence-based development for policy appraisal, life cycle assessment, and net zero and air quality strategy support for vessel operators and ports. 

Toni Stojcevski is a professional in marine engineering and business development. He has worked in various positions in Wärtsilä for 22 years and has gained broad experience in the marine industry, especially within the field of medium-speed combustion engines and alternative fuels.

In 2013 Toni graduated from the Executive MBA on the University of Gothenburg. Between 2014-2016, Toni was responsible for the “Methanol development project” covering new product development, application and market strategy, and the delivery and conversion of the four main engines onboard Stena Germanica, which was the first ship in the world to operate on methanol as a fuel.

This podcast episode is valuable for all those in the maritime industry who are looking forward to a greener, more sustainable net zero future. Enjoy the listen and if you have any questions or would like to speak with Tim or our Maritime team please contact us on:


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