Waste Management

Waste compositional analysis - An invaluable tool

30 Nov 2023

Written by Ricardo's experts and first published for the CIWM Circular Magazine this article delves into the emergence of waste compositional analysis (WCA) as a crucial tool that lays the groundwork for comprehending environmental performance. WCA also plays a pivotal role in aiding informed decision-making regarding waste and resource strategies, benefiting both local authorities and the private sector.

Irregular collections, insufficient capacities and failing recycling targets! The weight of these complaints often lies on the shoulders of our local authorities. They’ve just invested in a new fleet of trucks, so “what’s going wrong?”, they ask themselves. The mystery often lies within the waste.  In the face of mounting environmental challenges, societies are accelerating their focus on sustainable practices and the circular economy, so they align with governmental strategies and changing legislation.

But how are they monitoring progress? 

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