Climate change

Supporting the implementation of low carbon, climate resilient development actions

Ricardo supported policymakers from 16 countries in developing ambitious climate commitments as part of the Paris Agreement that reflected each country’s development goals, and is now supporting countries to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Ricardo has expertise in all stages of developing and implementing mitigation plans and policies. We have technical in-house experts who specialise in a wide range of sectors, including energy supply and efficiency, transport, waste, industry and agriculture. This expertise has been developed from our support to INDC development in more than 15 countries and helping countries to implement their NDCs.

  • Analysis of mitigation potential and costs
  • Development of sectoral action plans
  • NAMA screening and development


Ricardo has considerable and wide-ranging experience of supporting international and bilateral development partners, the European Commission, national, subnational and local governmental bodies, and the private sector in relation to all aspects of climate adaptation planning, policy development, and implementation. 

  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessments
  • Development of National Adaptation Plans

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Ricardo can support you with a wide range of climate finance services including strategic advice, technical analysis and modelling, and training and capacity building.

  • Review and costing of support requirements
  • Development of climate investment plans

Ricardo is a world leader in all aspects of MRV. In addition to our longstanding work on national-level GHG inventories, we are experts in MRV of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and adaptation actions, as well as MRV of support (such as climate finance and capacity building).

Our MRV support includes:

  • Taking stock of and enhancing existing structures, processes and capacities upon which an MRV system can be built.
  • Designing MRV systems at national, regional and city levels that covers GHG inventories, mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Developing accounting systems to evaluate progress towards NDC targets.
  • Developing indicator frameworks to help track the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Designing MRV systems for market-based instruments such as emissions trading systems.
  • Design and set-up of data management systems.
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Technical Director – Climate Adaptation Lead

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