Through-life support

Get the most out of your products throughout their lifecycle with Ricardo's range of support services.

Maximum capability, system availability and cost effectiveness throughout product life

The most advanced equipment and capabilities in the world can become ineffective without appropriate in-service support solutions. We offer expert engineering support, comprehensive through-life capability management (TLCM) and agile operational support.

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Our land and marine engineering teams provide support solutions designed on a case-by-case basis. However, the objective of all solutions we offer is to enable our clients to achieve and sustain maximum capability, system availability and cost effectiveness throughout the life of their equipment.

We offer expert engineering support, comprehensive through-life capability management (TLCM) and agile operational support. This includes a full range of Post-Design Services (PDS), configuration control, safety cases, asset and whole fleet management, spares, obsolescence, repairs and maintenance, training and mid-life upgrades with a suite of contracting options.

These services are formally contracted for in-service phases of a piece of equipment's lifecycle. PDS can comprise a broad range of activities designed to maintain in-service equipment capability.

Examples of PDS activities are:

  • Configuration management
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical reporting
  • Function and design reporting
  • Engineering surveys
  • Modification implementation
  • Design/prototype testing
  • New component design and testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Onsite training

Ricardo deploys teams of specialists to carry out support of all PDS activities. Our teams have worked with various organisations, providing a flexible portfolio of services to ensure equipment fulfils its life expectancy.

Our team can also advise on mid-life equipment improvements and replacement purchases.

Our core strength is ensuring that long-term equipment capability is designed from the outset. We utilise a systems engineering approach to produce performance-based support solutions. Our aim is to provide assurance and verification of engineering designs, delivering a tailored, sustainable and cost-effective support solution.

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Through-life support


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