Train control and automation

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Our capabilities extend across all major trackside and onboard elements of a Control, Command Signalling system and include a combination of hardware and software design development support and analysis.

Previous assignment have included advising on the migration of legacy systems to ERTMS and CBTC, the development of technical safety arguments and Safety Cases, tender preparation and contracting.

A major part of our work involved helping infrastructure owners and train operators  demonstrate their systems meet relevant regulatory and contractual requirements.

We operate schemes that validates compliance with standards such as EN50129 (safety case), EN50126 (RAMS), EN50128 (software), EIRENE (GSM-R) and the European Railways (Interoperability) Directive.  We ensure that all projects, where judged as ‘significant’, comply with the Common Safety Method risk management regulations referenced by the EN Railway Safety Directive, or alternatively follow recognized guidance on Engineering Safety Management, such as iESM.

We can also provide confirmation that the design and construction of signalling and telecommunications systems meet required codes and technical specifications and, where mandated by regulation, issue certification of the operational suitability of assets.

For our clients based in the Netherlands we provide specialist maintenance training on the Dutch safety system Automatische TreinBeïnvloeding (ATB). FOr more information about our full programme of courses, including those that have an examination, click the following link:

ATB Training from Ricardo

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Train control and automation


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