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Insights and thought leadership on the most complex challenges and opportunities facing these industries

Understanding the future challenges in energy and mobility in 2035

The future of mobility means never standing still. But where are we going, how will we get there and what challenges will we encounter on the way?

Get the latest insights and thought leadership from the experts at Ricardo to help you prepare for challenges and opportunities facing the mobility and energy sectors in the coming decade.

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Ricardo Ai Aerial Highway Sunset 001

The challenges and opportunities of electrification in the automotive sector

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Alexandre Ricardo Aerospace Canada

How the aerospace industry is working towards a sustainable, zero-emissions future

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How data can drive actionable insights

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Technology insights

Looking ahead at the changing technological landscape of the mobility and energy industry.

Alexandre Ricardo Aerospace Canada

How the aerospace industry is working towards a sustainable, zero-emissions future

Alexandre provides his views on the future of the aerospace industry and the work that Ricardo is doing to help shape sustainable mobility on the road to mobility in 2035.

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What factors are affecting energy transition of propulsion systems in the mobility sector?

Clive Wotton highlights the key factors affecting energy transition for propulsion systems on the road to 2035.

Electric Vehicle Charging Plugged In

Must-know electrification challenges and opportunities for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers?

Yansong Chen shares her insights to help businesses in the mobility sector looking to grow their electrification portfolio.

High Performance Vehicle Silhouette

Is electrification the right choice for high performance vehicle?

Martin Starkey lays out three key considerations that OEMs need to make for their high performance vehicle strategies.

Electric Motor

How will electric motors evolve in the next decade?

Electric drivelines rely on a relatively small component playing a significant part in their evolution - the e-motor.

Electric Vehicle Charging Blue

What role will battery innovation play in the future of electrification?

Ricardo experts give us their insights on the key issues relating to battery innovation that OEMs must consider in their electrification strategies.

Virtual Vehicle Digital Interface

Are software defined vehicles the future of personal mobility?

Software defined vehicles could be key in addressing future consumer demands that may not yet have been conceived of.

Fuel In A Conical Flask

Is there a future for fuels on the road to 2035?

Trevor Downes discusses how fuels and internal combustion engines might still have a role in the product mix of the future mobility portfolio.

Strategic Insights

Insights and commentary on some of the most pressing strategic issues impacting businesses in the mobility and energy sector.

Ricardo Ai Aerial Highway Sunset 001

The challenges and opportunities of electrification in the automotive sector

There are multiple challenges facing OEMS and Tier 1 suppliers in implementing electrification strategies, including cost and sustainability. Josh Ley, Global Capability Head shares his views.

Data Insights Image

How data can drive actionable insights

Data has the potential to drive business growth, yet it also creates a disruptive narrative if it is not managed correctly. Rushab Shah, Digital Strategy Lead at Ricardo, comments on the challenges.

Global Supply Chain

An agile approach can help mitigate supply chain disruption

Scott St Clair investigates some of the potential solutions that can help businesses mitigate supply chain disruption.

Business professionals walking

Businesses need to invest now to overcome the labour skills shortage

Christy Good explains why reskilling and upskilling are critical to business success and how organisations should put plans into place to attract and retain the best people.

Motorcycle On Road

Challenges and opportunities for the Motorcycle Industry

Stefano di Palma explores the future of the 2- and 3-wheeled vehicle market and highlights the key issues that businesses need to be aware of in the next decade.

Telecoms Mast

What can mobility OEMs learn from other industries to solve their business transformation challenges?

Other sectors that have already undergone significant business transformation could hold the key to success for business leaders in the mobility sector.

Inspecting Digital Car

Organisations with flexible strategies will capitalise on powertrain opportunities

Dr Richard Osborne, elected chair of the IMechE's Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group, explains why automotive OEMs must prioritise flexible strategies.

Traffic In A City Soft Focus Long Exposure

How will the automotive industry change in the next 20 years?

Automotive is a fast-paced and innovative industry where several factors will drive future vehicle design and development over the next 20 years and beyond.

Free reports and downloads

Thought leadership white papers about the future of industry.

Challenging Road

Future of Sustainable Transport

Ricardo experts bring clarity to some of the complexities of future mobility. It explores the drivers for future sustainable transport and the challenges to achieving net zero, while providing a commentary on current initiatives which are addressing some of the issues faced within the transportation sector.

Battery Assembly

Niche Volume Battery Manufacture in the UK

Ricardo has published its findings on the future of niche volume battery manufacture for luxury cars, special vehicles and off-highway machines.

Challenging Road

State of the Indian automotive industry

In this free report, Ricardo experts share their analysis of the state of the automotive industry in Indian for the year 2021.

Convergence, Energy And Mobility White

Convergence, Energy and Mobility: The Future of Mobility in 2035

What will mobility look like in 2035? That’s the million-dollar question for those operating in the transport sector, especially OEMs, and Tier 1’s, as well as regulators and those in charge of accelerating the drive toward zero emissions. Learn more in this white paper from our Global Mobility Summit in Detroit.

More about Ricardo's scenarios for 2035

Creative Scavengers

Here's why businesses must plan for disruption on the road to 2035

Every business leader wants to know how today's strategic decisions will play out in the short, medium and long term. The problem is that no one can predict the future.


Scenario planning is helping businesses to plan for an uncertain future

Scenario planning can help business leaders identify potential risks and evaluate how to counteract or mitigate their impact.


Businesses must think the unthinkable

Organisations must plan for even the most unthinkable scenario and prepare for uncertainty in the coming decade.


Business as usual now risks failure in future

If the only certainty is uncertainty then following the status quo is no longer enough for businesses to remain competitive.

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