The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo


22 May 2024



Commercial vehicles

Light mobility vehicles


Zero emission propulsion




08:45 (North America, Los Angeles)


Las Vegas

Ricardo is attending The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America’s largest event dedicated to commercial transportation and clean fleets. Our participation exemplifies our commitment to supporting the commercial transportation sector in their journey to achieve zero-emission fleets, reduce environmental footprints, and meet targets while maintaining high-quality performance.

Ricardo understands the most complex and dynamic challenges facing the commercial transport sector. We are uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive support to global OEMs and suppliers, providing policy and regulatory advice, including insights into the environmental impacts of products and the supply chain. We possess unparalleled technical expertise in the design, testing, and manufacturing of zero-emission fleet solutions.


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Supporting the commercial transportation sector in their journey to achieve zero-emission fleets

Hybrid Electric Truck Charging


We can bring sustainable, electrified mobility solutions to your fleet, focusing on de-risking electric vehicle (EV) development, whilst reducing time, cost and navigating stringent policies. We provide solutions across power electronics, software and control, eMachines, eDrives and batteries to accelerate your EV fleet adoption.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Fuel cell

Ricardo leverages its expertise, toolchain, and experience in fuel cell technology and systems integration to analyze customer requirements. We develop and deliver solutions that extend the estimated range and enhance the versatility and maneuverability of your fleet.

Vehicle integration view

Vehicle integration

Ricardo designs and develops complete systems integration programmes. Our experts manage the complexities and deliver solutions to facilitate seamless integration of components and systems for clients across the commercial vehicle sector.

Sustainable Fuels Development Lab

Advanced sustainable fuels

Ricardo can support you to navigate changing legislations, identify and implement sustainable fuel solutions including hydrogen, biofuels, and synthetic fuels to reduce emissions across a wide range of transport applications.

Supporting the commercial transportation sector in their journey to achieve zero-emission fleets

Understanding your sustainability impacts

Sustainability strategy and reporting are crucial for shaping the future of business operations and achieving zero-emission fleets. Ricardo will help you understand your current and future environmental impacts across the supply chain, meet the demands of regulators, investors, and customers, and grasp how these drivers are shaping the future of transportation and logistics operations.

The CSRD will affect many North American organizations with activities in the EU. The CSRD requires businesses to report on a broad range of ESG 
matters, against 12 mandated European Sustainability Reporting 
Standards (ESRS) that have been drafted by the European Financial 
Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)

Get a deeper understanding of the environmental and social impacts of your current and in-development fleet. LCA’s can provide robust data to back up green claims.

We conduct market assessments, map resources, advise on sustainable procurement options, facilitate supply chain engagement and offer sustainable packaging advice.

We help you to understand your direct operational emissions and value chain (Scope 3) emissions associated with existing and developmental products. ​

We advise policy makers and legislators around the world and use these insights to help organizations understand and increase adaptability to legislative challenges such as the Sustainable Batteries Regulation and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

Sustainable Reporting

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