Service review and benchmarking

We can support you in the improvement of your organisation's service model and its design and delivery.  We will support you by benchmarking your total service costs and provide advice on the significance of issues such as collection frequency, capacity and policy, back-office costs, round and beat reviews.

Service and benchmark support

We can identify opportunities for commercialisation including trade waste, garden waste collections and cleansing. Our service review and benchmarking support includes:

Waste operations

  • On-site observations (embedded with crews)
  • One-to-one staff interviews; stakeholder and customer analysis and feedback
  • Data evaluation to understand performance
  • Assessing health and safety, safe working, and risk management compliance
  • Fleet reviews and opportunities for decarbonisation
  • Impacts of technically, environmentally and economically practicable (TEEP) recovery operations

Service review

  • Performance productivity analysis and optimisation
  • Reconfiguration of services, including public realm and street scene approaches
  • Review of service delivery and commissioning options

Procurement reviews

  • Soft market testing and pre-procurement support
  • Procurement support
  • Outline business case development and investment case drafting
Service review and benchmarking


This service is offered within the following sectors.

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