Railway Product Certification

Railway Product Certification

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Ricardo's railway product certification service provides third-party product approval attesting to a product’s conformity with EN17065 - or equivalent client-nominated standards or specifications - and verification of an appropriate quality system.

The service is based on a design review and type testing and analysis, drawing upon our experience over many decades of independent certification of quality management systems and products for the railway sector. 

Our services are available for a wide range of systems and equipment across conventional, light rail and metro applications, with teams based across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In each territory we follow the specific requirements of local and industry standards. In the Netherlands, for example, we perform our activities to the standards (SPC) of the Dutch Infrastructure manager, ProRail, as well as to EuroNorm standards as an accredited Notified Body. 

  • Traffic Control Technologies
  • Rails, rail fastening systems and base plates
  • Catenary systems, cables and wires
  • Ceramic and composite insulators
  • Electrical components and applications
  • Train detection systems
  • Railway crossings, ground mats and protection systems
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