Chemical response and regulatory training

Training from qualified chemical experts

With over 50 years of experience, our dedicated team of highly qualified chemists and hazardous materials (hazmat) specialists share their knowledge and expertise via in-person or e-learning solutions. 

Training packages balance the subjects’ technical requirements and practical application, with tailored modules to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Courses designed for the chemical sector

Prepare potential first responders to chemical incidents with knowledge and practical experience to ensure competence when dealing with an incident involving hazardous materials, potentially minimising the impact to operations, people, environment, assets and reputation with appropriate and swift response should an event occur.

Accredited by JOIFF and in alignment with the UK National Operational Guidance ‘Foundation for hazardous materials', health and safety legislation, and industry best practice, course content can be adapted in accordance with international standards.

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Exclusively developed in conjunction with Responsible Care® experts from the Chemical Industries Association, the Chemical Business Association, and leading hazmat specialists from the police, fire and rescue services, this training area is designed to support those providing information about or on the front lines of chemical incidents. 

This course addresses the need to make a rapid, relevant and reliable response to requests for chemical information from the emergency services, as it is well documented that transmitting the correct information using appropriate language ensures timely and measured response, minimising the impact to operations, people, environment, assets and reputation.

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Develop an understanding of the regulatory requirements of using chemicals in the workplace and how to put them into a practical context. Gain the tools and knowledge to safely discharge responsibilities in general and job specific areas with course content tailored to focus specifically on the regulations most relevant to your business.

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Providing an awareness of the risks associated with the transport, storage and utilisation of alternative fuels, including hydrogen, details on the potential hazards and physical properties, including case studies of their use and potential future challenges.

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Free, half-day training courses covering chemical emergency response procedures can be arranged for public services worldwide. Offered as an opportunity for front line teams to learn best practice from peers with first-hand experience.

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Contact us today for a free, no-obligation conversation about the training needs of your organisation - from emergency response, to regulatory compliance, to product sustainability - Ricardo's experts can advise and support as required.

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More chemical risk solutions for your business

Emergency response

Protect people, environment, assets and reputation with our specialist 24/7/365 helplines, software and reliable advice backed by insurance to maintain compliance, while supporting your wider sustainability and chemical safety strategies.

Safety data sheet management (SDS)

Ricardo provide expert-level content reviews, compliance verification, authoring and translation services through a team of qualified and experienced chemists – well placed to produce high-quality SDS in compliance with the complex and varied requirements of different territories and regulations. 

Horizon scanning

Maintaining regulatory compliance requires regular monitoring of substances status’, which can be time-consuming and problematic. A horizon scanning tool performs an inventory check to ascertain whether a substance appears on any global regulatory lists, providing status updates in a clear, easy-to-read report. The tool details any obligations and if substances need alteration, allowing you to make strategic decisions sooner and maintaining organisational compliance.

Chemical response and regulatory training


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