Supporting the analysis, implementation and management of your biomass requirements

Ricardo’s knowledge and expertise in biomass technology provides you with a comprehensive resource to support all aspects of biomass implementation. From researching the most appropriate technology for your organisation, through to identification of most cost-effective fuel procurement. Ricardo also provides insight and technical advice in all aspects of biomethane production and use.

Our key capabilities in biomass

Analysis to support your on-going biomass needs, including cost-benefit analysis of projected changes in global supply and demand.

Ricardo's experts will support you with an assessment of decarbonisation options using bioenergy, as well as the wider environmental impact including: carbon savings, feedstock sustainability, air emissions and water and soil impacts. 

Our air quality experts can provide robust insights into the effects of your biomass solution on air quality, including dispersion modelling assessment of individual and multiple sites, helping to deliver informed decisions on appropriate stack height and abatement technologies.

Ricardo's data and biomass experts have developed a range models and tools to support technology selection and alignment with regulations. For example Ricardo developed a biomethane greenhouse gas calculator, which has helped anaerobic digester (AD) operators producing biomethane to demonstrate that their greenhouse gas emissions are within the limits to qualify for payment under the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Ricardo's experts can help you identify the most appropriate biomass solution for your organisation's operational, regulatory and environmental requirements. Our experts will support you through the full biomass investment life cycle, from initial technology analysis, appraisal and due diligence through to implementation support and post-investment expertise such as auditing of plants and providing expert witness analysis. Our experts support you with the data and insights needed to support your investment decisions.

Ricardo Supporting Biomass Analysis And Implementation


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