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Paige Bailey

Sustainability Consultant
Bailey Paige

Paige's Story

What is your role at Ricardo?
I manage a number of sustainable packaging support projects working with a variety of clients across the public, private and third sector.

What does your average day at Ricardo look like? 
As Project Manager of the OPRL Audit Service I am responsible for allocating audits that land on my desk every day as well as reviewing the audit reports before issuing to the client to ensure the quality standard has been met. I speak regularly with the audit team to monitor progress of the audits, benchmark audits against the KPI as well as work closely with the client on a daily basis to ensure our shared targets are being continually met.

What do you look forward to at work? 
I look forward to working with a great team every day; despite the fact that I work remotely I am able to receive the support I need from my team and my direct line manager. This includes support on projects as well as general wellbeing support.

What do you find most rewarding at work? / Are you proud to work at Ricardo?
I find it rewarding when we can see the positive impact that our work has had. This could take the form of the quantifiable project results or for example, client feedback. Knowing the positive difference that the projects I manage/support on have on the amount of waste generated / sent to landfill in the UK does make me very proud to work at Ricardo.

How have you developed your career at Ricardo? 
After a year working as an Analyst Consultant at Ricardo I felt I was ready to progress to Consultant level and Ricardo supported me through the promotion process. This support included providing internal training to broaden my technical knowledge and supporting me in my journey to becoming a certified IEMA Practitioner. This allowed me to submit a stronger case for a promotion which was subsequently accepted.

How do you support career development opportunities for your team?
I am direct line manager for an Analyst Consultant and since becoming her team leader I have had regular check ins to make sure that she is aware of any upcoming training opportunities so she can put herself forward for them and have also supported her in becoming chartered and developing a strong case for a promotion.  

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career as a Sustainability Consultant?

  • Obtain experience in the field (volunteering, internships, short-term placements).
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest updates in your area of sustainability (for example, by becoming a member of IEMA or CIWM).
  • Networking is key.