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Ricardo And Greenjets Project Milestone Inception Photo

Sustainable electric propulsion for eVTOL applications


Greenjets, pioneers in bespoke, compact jet engines for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) applications approached Ricardo to support in the  creation of a first generation electric fully operational demonstrator propulsion module (InCEPTion) for use in applications weighing less than five tonnes. 


Ricardo produced a fully scalable, efficient module design, which aims to reduce operating costs. The project involved design engineers, electrification specialists and project engineers, and has delivered a bespoke wrap around, immersion cooled, ultra-high-performance battery, using 32 connect modules. 

InCEPTion incorporates 20 kWh worth of battery pack capacity into a very constrained toroidal shape and has been designed to form part of the structure of a propulsion system, with shared cooling and structural elements, making its delivery challenging and complex. Its cutting edge design is configured in a 360-degree orientation, with bonded composites and a foam structure to help reduce weight.

In addition to the design and build of the module, Ricardo has been responsible for the complete thermal management system, incorporating increased safety aspects from the initial design stage.


As well as being fully scalable, the design enables different combinations of the same module to power multiple aircraft concepts, from drones, eVTOL, general aviation aircraft and sub-regional aircraft. The system is versatile and can be 100% battery or fuel cell hybrid powered. The composite module is lightweight, power dense and enables rapid charging. 



Key Services


Start and end dates

10/2022 - 03/2024


18 months

Contract responsibility




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