Industrial Heat Decarbonisation Cover

Pathways to Industrial Heat Decarbonisation

15 Nov 2022


Heat decarbonisation is one of the greatest challenges to achieving the UK’s commitment to deliver net zero by 2050. Industrial heat is still largely produced using fossil fuels, and the high temperatures required makes its decarbonisation more challenging than in other sectors of the economy. 

With this guide, you will learn about:

  • Waste heat hierarchy - in what order should you tackle decarbonisation of heat?

  • The four heat decarbonisation pathways for industrial sites - which option is best suited for you?

  • Process efficiency - maximising the efficiency with which heat is generated, delivered and consumed.

  • Waste heat recovery - a significant opportunity to improve processes, reduce costs and generate new revenue streams

  • Fuel switching - various options to explore to help you in the transition to net zero


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