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The business case for professional emergency response

01 Nov 2023


Chemical emergency helpline services are designed to support four business objectives:

  • To protect people, environment, assets and reputation (PEAR) from the effects of an incident
  • To reduce the scale and cost of incidents and prevent operational disruption
  • To comply with international regulations demanding telephone emergency response
  • To demonstrate support Environmental Social and Governance reporting (ESG) and Responsible Care.

This document explains why Ricardo is the most effective emergency response provider for delivery of these core requirements, while offering a potential return on investment of 15 to 1. A real world case study is presented to demonstrate the economic comparison between in-house, mid-range and Ricardo’s emergency response.

Ricardo’s economic data is drawn from over 50 years experience of providing public and private sector organisations with emergency response support. The data has been independently audited and confirmed by third party authors.


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