Issue resolution

A flexible, collaborative, on-demand, full service issue resolution support which can cover the whole warranty chain.

Minimise warranty costs, prevent delays to production and reduce slippage

Each year, delays to product launches, stopping the production line or honouring warranties to fix issues for end customers, cost OEMs millions or billions. For European manufacturers, stopping the production line can cost £24,000-£45,000 per minute. Our offering is tailored to our customer's requirements from from on-demand drawdown for specific discrete tasks, through to full service/ownership of the whole warranty chain.

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We have expertise in a wide variety of technical areas which helps to support our issue resolution offering:

  • Mechanical systems
  • Energy storage
  • Performance and emissions compliance
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Calibration and control
  • Noise, vibration and harshness
  • Industrial

We offer flexible, collaborative, on-demand, full service providing whatever the customer wants: from on-demand drawdown for specific discrete tasks, through to full service/ownership of the whole warranty chain.

Our dedicated technical specialists can draw on cross- functional capability teams to solve complex problems.

Our experts are independent and offer evidence-based solutions through in-depth test and analysis, identifying root causes and validation solutions.

The advantage of working with us is how quickly we can narrow the problem down to the actual root cause. We use our industry-leading experience and expertise to de-risk and shorten the process based on our knowledge of how issues have been solved in the past.

For our customers, the benefit of the Ricardo approach is that our independent experts fix issues robustly and quickly, with full traceability and transparency. This enables them to minimise their warranty costs, and reduce delays to product launches, potential cessation of the production line, and the burden on their product development teams.

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Issue resolution


This service is offered within the following sectors.

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Matt Beasley

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Phil Mortimer

Head of Calibration

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